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Losing a family member can be one of the most challenging things anyone will ever have to go through. This is even more true if they died due to someone else’s negligence. However, what hurts most about wrongful death cases is that the person did not have to die. Instead, the negligence of another caused their untimely death. This can be excruciatingly painful to have to accept.
In Illinois, the Wrongful Death Act paves the way for family members to seek justice after their loved one’s death. In addition, the law allows for wrongful death claims to seek compensation if
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Over the past century, automobiles have become an essential form of travel that millions of Americans rely on daily. Whether going to work or school, it is nearly impossible to imagine a life without the option of car travel. Unfortunately, however, with car travel comes car accidents. Regardless of how careful a driver you are, car accidents can happen at the most inopportune times and when you least expect it.
Another driver’s negligence may cause some accidents, and others may be caused by bad weather or car malfunction. No matter what caused your car accident, how you react after
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No matter the scenario, suffering an injury at work is often a frightful experience. You came to work to do your job, and now, you find yourself injured for whatever reason. What are the next steps? Can you pursue compensation?
Fortunately, the answer is yes in most cases. You can pursue compensation for work-related injuries through workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation process can be notoriously difficult for many reasons. However, do not let the challenging reputation of workers’ compensation stop you from pursuing the money you may be entitled to. If you or a loved one has suffered an
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If the past has taught us anything, it is that life is precious and can change instantly, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Serious injuries can befall us anytime, even when we least expect it. Whether an injury occurs during a car accident, truck accident, or slip-and-fall accident, suffering a catastrophic injury is a terrifying experience that may very well impact the rest of one’s life. 
If you or someone you love has suffered from a catastrophic injury, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney who has previously dealt with similar cases. Hiring an attorney
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An unexpected fall, car crash, work injury, or another type of accident can change someone’s life in the blink of an eye.  In addition to the physical pain and suffering that an individual may experience, there are also the financial burdens that come along with an accident. From medical bills to lost wages, the costs can quickly add up.
When it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit, one of the key elements is proving damages. This includes both economic and non-economic damages, which can be difficult to quantify. In this article, we will take a
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Being hurt in a car accident can incur overwhelming costs, including vehicle repair costs, medical expenses, and lost income. Fortunately, car accident victims may be able to recoup some of their financial losses through a personal injury claim. 
If you or a loved one were involved in a serious accident, you may wonder how much compensation you could potentially receive. There is no way to predict the exact value of a car accident injury claim because there are so many different factors that affect the final payout. However, understanding the main elements of a car accident injury claim and the
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Work-related injuries can happen in any profession. Construction jobs and other professions involving manual labor are typically thought of as the most dangerous types of jobs. However, even someone working at a computer in an office chair may suffer a work injury.
Many work-related injuries are caused by sudden accidents. However, some injuries occur over time. These are called cumulative trauma injuries or repetitive stress injuries. Examples of cumulative trauma injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and bursitis.
Cumulative trauma injuries often happen to workers who perform the same type of motion over and over again during their
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Our eyes are some of the most important organs in our body. They allow us to see and experience the world around us. When they are damaged, it can be a deeply traumatizing experience. Individuals who suffer vision loss because of another party’s careless, irresponsible, or malicious actions may be able to take legal action against that party. 
If you or someone you love has suffered vision loss or blindness in an accident, you may be able to pursue justice and financial compensation for damages through a personal injury lawsuit. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of
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While slip-and-fall injuries may not sound exceedingly serious, these events can have detrimental legal consequences if the injury was caused by the negligence or irresponsibility of a property owner. For example, in Illinois, the Premises Liability Act states that property owners are obliged to both proprietors and guests to keep them safe from all foreseeable hazards. Furthermore, property owners must be held accountable for ensuring their property is hazard-free. 
Suffering from an injury, regardless of circumstance, can be a scary and overwhelming time for anyone. If you or someone you love injured themselves due to what you believe to be
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You are driving down a picturesque road in DuPage County when suddenly you are struck head-on by another vehicle. Waking up in the emergency room, the doctor informs you that you have suffered a spinal cord injury and may never walk again. Your very existence has been upended instantly, with life as you knew it irrevocably shattered. 
Catastrophic injuries from a car accident involving the neck and spinal cord are amongst the most severe injuries someone can experience. During this turbulent and frightening period in your life, it is vital to remember that since you are suffering from a personal
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When someone falls and breaks their arm, the extent of the injury is usually apparent immediately. An x-ray can further assess the damage. From there, the patient undergoes surgery, rehabilitation, and other medical treatments needed to heal the broken arm. 
Unfortunately, head injuries are much more elusive.  The brain is a complex organ, and even doctors have difficulty assessing the full extent of an injury. That’s why it’s important to seek immediate medical attention after sustaining any kind of blow to the head, even if you don’t feel like you’re injured. Head injuries and brain injuries can also cause a
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Most people do not think about how often they use their shoulders until an injury limits their use. Everything from driving a car to household chores like dusting requires the use of our shoulders. When an individual suffers a shoulder injury such as a torn rotator cuff, it can impact nearly every aspect of their lives.
Rotator cuff injuries are usually the result of sudden force to the upper body. Car accidents, falls, and work-related accidents are some of the most common causes of rotator cuff injuries. If another party’s reckless or irresponsible actions cause someone to suffer a rotator
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Being the victim of a robbery, assault, battery, sexual assault, or another violent crime is something that can change your life forever. The immediate physical injuries resulting from the attack are often just the beginning. Many people suffer from lingering psychological, emotional, and personal consequences for years or decades after the attack. They have trouble working or even completing everyday tasks like running errands. Many are consumed by fear and anxiety.

When a business’s failure to provide adequate security leads to an avoidable attack, the business may be liable for damages.  If you were injured in a violent attack, you
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Side-impact crashes or “T-bone” accidents often occur at intersections. One driver may run a red light or stop sign and collide with the vehicle traveling in the perpendicular direction. Alternatively, a driver may lose control on a multiple-lane highway and cause a side impact collision.  The results of T-bone accidents can be catastrophic. The vehicle may become pinned against a guardrail or flip over. Vehicle occupants can be trapped inside the car and unable to get out.
If you or a loved one were injured in a T-bone accident, you may be able to take legal action against the at-fault
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Work accidents and injuries happen every day in the United States. Some are as minor as a skinned knee or bruise. Other work injuries lead to long-term or permanent impairment. In Illinois, workers’ compensation is required. Employers with one or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance which is used to reimburse injured employees for lost wages and medical bills.

If you were hurt in a work-related incident, it is important to know your rights. If your injuries have reduced your ability to work or forced you to take a lesser-paying position, you may be entitled to compensation for lost
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Illinois law allows people to file an injury claim or lawsuit against a party if that party’s actions caused them harm. Through a personal injury claim, individuals hurt in a car crash, commercial truck wreck, construction accident, slip and fall, or other incidents may be able to recover financial compensation for their damages.
Bringing a winning injury claim and recovering monetary damages is no easy task. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying injured parties what they need and deserve. You will need a powerful claim backed by persuasive evidence to be successful.
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