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Ankin Law attorney, Scott Goldstein, recently represented a 29-year-old Chicago State University grounds worker in an arbitration hearing. Mr. Goldstein helped the grounds worker, who was injured in a slip and fall accident, receive workers’ compensation benefits even as the State of Illinois had initially offered no money in the case. Earlier, at trial, the State tried to argue the grounds worker was actually injured while working at his own residential rehab business. They were ostensibly accusing the man of committing workers’ compensation fraud. He testified credibly that he owns the business but doesn’t do the physical work, which carried
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The Illinois Appellate Court has ruled that UIM coverage must extend to pedestrians and bicyclists, even if the insurance policy explicitly states otherwise. As such, insurers in Illinois are required to pay benefits to insured victims regardless of whether they were occupants of a motor vehicle, or they were walking or riding a bicycle when the injury accident occurred.

In an opinion that was released on September 30, 2022, the panel stated that “The terms of an insurance policy that conflict with a statute are void and unenforceable.” According to the majority opinion, “Similarly, insurance policy terms cannot circumvent the
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You May Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits if You Were Injured While Working from Home

If you are a remote worker who suffered injuries while working from home, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois. To recover compensation for your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages, you’ll need to prove that you are an employee (not an independent contractor), and that your injury is work-related. An injury that “arises out of and in the course of employment” is one that happens while the employee is performing job-related tasks.  

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began taking its
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Elderly adults often become victims of financial exploitation by caretakers and even family members, but it’s difficult to prove when it happens. Proving elder financial exploitation requires identifying the abuser, gathering documented evidence, and proving intentional harm.

What Is Elder Financial Exploitation?

Elderly adults in nursing home facilities, long-term care facilities, assisted-living facilities, and those receiving in-home care are common victims of elder financial exploitation at the hands of people taking care of them. Nursing home caretakers, in-home health workers, and even friends and family members may take advantage of elderly adults. Those with cognitive impairments, no other family members, few visitors,
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Knowing what to expect from the defense in a DUI personal injury claim can help you and your lawyer prepare evidence to debunk the other side’s arguments. One of the most common arguments is that the driver was not intoxicated. The defense may also try to show that the driver was not actually operating the car at all, or that police acted illegally or wrongly when officers obtained evidence of drunk driving.

Do You Need to File a DUI Personal Injury Claim?

Talk with a car accident lawyer to determine whether you have a DUI personal injury case. Successful cases
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Fault in a construction accident depends on the circumstances of the accident and its contributing factors. These factors include accident site, site conditions, and equipment or machinery used in the construction work. Insurance adjusters and lawyers review these factors when determining fault in a construction accident. Knowing how to determine fault in a construction accident is instrumental in getting a favorable outcome in your construction accident case. 

Who Can be Held Liable for a Construction Accident?

A single construction site may involve many people and entities at the same time. Identifying who is liable for a construction accident can be
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Medical malpractice happens when a hospital or healthcare provider harms a patient through negligence or omission. To have grounds for medical malpractice claims, plaintiffs must show that the healthcare provider owed the patient a professional duty of care, the provider violated the duty of care, the violation injured the patient, and the injury caused significant damages. The facts and specific details of your case will determine whether you have the grounds to file a medical malpractice claim. Advice or representation from a skilled lawyer is necessary to prove medical malpractice and recover maximum compensation. 

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice
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If you are considering pursuing compensation for a secondary injury through workers’ comp in Chicago, Illinois, you might wonder how to prove a secondary injury in workers’ compensation. You must present convincing medical evidence that establishes a direct causal relationship between your secondary injury and primary injury to prove a secondary injury in workers’ comp. A medical expert witness may also help explain to the judge or jury how your primary injury caused you to develop a secondary injury. 

A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer can help you identify and obtain relevant medical documentation and records in your case. The lawyer can
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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits have a five-month elimination period. This period begins from the date you developed a disabling injury or illness, also called your “disability onset date.” The five-month elimination period seeks to ensure that you have a long-term disabling condition before collecting any SSDI benefits. There are, however, certain exceptions to the SSDI elimination period. Read on to learn more about the elimination period for social security disability benefits. 

What Is the Elimination Period for SSDI Benefits?

The elimination period (or waiting period) is the length of time that the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses to
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When a workers’ compensation claim is unjustly denied, the employer’s insurance company is acting in bad faith. An estimated 4.9 million victims file a workers’ compensation claim to pay for their medical bills each year. Medical bills are the most common workers’ compensation claim and should be fully covered by the employer’s insurance. However, not all claims are automatically approved or carried out promptly. The injured worker has to follow claim submission guidelines and provide all the necessary information to the insurance company within a certain time frame. If this is not done, then the workers’ compensation insurance company may
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After an accident, victims may wonder, “how much compensation can I claim for a burn injury?” The value of a burn injury claim depends on the severity of a victim’s injuries, the location of the burn, where and how the accident occurred, and the impact of the burn on the victim’s life. A burn injury lawyer in Illinois can help Chicago victims assess their case to determine a fair settlement value prior to pursuing a claim.

What Is Considered a Major Burn Injury?

Burn injuries fall into three classifications, referred to as the “degree” to which a person is
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Fireworks accident and injury statistics reveal a nationwide increase in deaths and injuries from fireworks. According to a staff report issued by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, injuries and deaths from fireworks increased by 25% from 2016 to 2021. Likewise, the Centers for Disease Control reports that over 11,500 people suffered injuries because of a firework-related accident in 2021. 

It’s illegal for consumers to use most fireworks in Illinois. Many Chicagoans flock to Indiana each year, where most fireworks are legal, to stock up and celebrate the 4th of July. Indiana’s fireworks accident and injury statistics show that
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If your doctor diagnosed you incorrectly or missed your condition altogether, a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago can guide you through how to sue a doctor for misdiagnosis in Illinois. You might have sufficient grounds for a medical malpractice claim if you or a loved one has suffered harm due to a misdiagnosis. You will need to demonstrate that the doctor violated the accepted medical standard of care under the conditions for your claim to be successful. Simply put, a doctor with similar training within the same medical community under the same conditions would have diagnosed your health condition correctly.
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You can file a bad faith claim against insurers by taking the right steps, including reviewing your contract, gathering relevant documentation, and other courses of action. Knowing how to file a bad faith claim against an insurance company may help hold them accountable when they deny a claim without a justifiable reason.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

If you’re considering filing a bad faith claim, it’s important to understand what insurance bad faith is and how it works. An insurance company operates in bad faith when it denies a valid claim or declines to protect policyholders for unjust reasons. 

Insurance companies
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After a crash, you may wonder, “what can I sue for in a car accident lawsuit?” You can sue for medical costs, wage or income loss, property loss, physical pain and suffering, and other general damages in a car accident lawsuit. Your recoverable damages will depend on your case facts and your injury severity. The percentage of fault may also affect your recoverable damages. 

Start by determining who to sue in a car accident lawsuit to recover the full extent of your damages or losses. A car accident lawyer knowledgeable about your state negligence laws and other relevant car accident
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After an accident, recipients may wonder, “how much is my social security disability reduced after a workers’ comp settlement?” Depending on the amount of a Workers’ Compensation settlement, a claimant’s social security disability benefits award could be reduced. Additionally, a claimant’s benefits could be reduced even if a Workers’ Compensation settlement was for an unrelated injury. While the Social Security Administration carefully reviews Workers’ Compensation settlement agreements, the reduction is not automatic. Depending on the language of a Workers’ Compensation settlement, it may be possible to defray the impact of the reduction.

How Does a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Affect Social Security
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