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The Chicago Tribune has reported very serious allegations of sexual misconduct at a Chicago military academy. Here, besides the shocking abuse, the problem is that school officials allegedly knew of the abuse allegations and failed to report them.
The leadership of the school claims that they reported the allegations to central office officials, who did nothing about them. Either way, this is yet another example of school officials prioritizing their own jobs and welfare over student safety.
Sexual Misconduct at The Marine Leadership Academy
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Accidents can strike at any time and cause you injury, expense, and other harm. Many times, these events and the corresponding loss will implicate policy limits (or policy limit) of insurance coverage offered by an insurance company or multiple insurance companies.
How do you obtain the relief and financial compensation afforded within policy limits?
Well, you need to send a policy demand letter that contains clear language as to the accident, injuries, costs, liability, and applicable policy limit or policy limits that the insurance company holds as well as a settlement demand or at least initiate settlement negotiations.
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The day that young drivers finish their driver’s education and exchange their learner’s permit for their driver’s license is a momentous one especially for teen drivers.
Leaving behind supervised driving and getting an unrestricted license can usher in a tremendous sense of freedom for someone of any driving age.
However, a driver’s license can also bring a licensed driver into danger if they are not careful.
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Parents will often turn to cow’s milk based formula when the baby is having difficulty feeding or will not tolerate the mother’s breast milk. When a baby is born prematurely, they often cannot feed directly from their mother.
For years, doctors have been recommending various types of formula or milk-based supplements to help a premature infant get the nourishment that it desperately needs to grow.
Unfortunately, there have been many cases where a baby developed NEC, which is a dangerous bacterial infection that can be life-threatening.
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At least eight people died in Houston on Friday, November 6, 2021, at rapper Travis Scott’s 2021 Astroworld Festival after a densely packed crowd of fans rushed the stage while the 29-year-old singer was performing. Dozens of others were seriously injured during the chaos.

Tragically, at least two deceased victims at the Astroworld Festival in Houston were minors, ranging in age from 14 to 16. Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner stated that scores of others were transported to the local hospital where some remained hospitalized for days.

Numerous victims who survived were under 18 years old. Another 300 concert fans were
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Nicknamed “the Prairie State,” Illinois is a Midwestern state bordered to the east by Indiana and to the West by the Mississippi River. It is known for its delectable cuisine, alluring forests, rolling hills, and farming.
Recent data shows that Illinois lost population. Nonetheless, a few cities continued to grow.
For instance, Chicago became the largest city in Illinois and the third-largest city in the US, and its population grew to 2,679,080 people as per the US Census Bureau.
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Property taxes in Chicago can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. So, we’ve compiled the most important details about what you need to know.
First, we’ll walk through some of the basics, like how they’re calculated and where your money is going, as well as more advanced information like exemptions and tax appeal deadlines.
If you’re looking to buy a home in the Chicago area, it’s important to know how property taxes compare across neighborhoods.
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Agreeing to a settlement in personal injury cases is the heaviest lifting that you and your attorney will do. You may have been through a difficult personal injury trial or a grueling negotiation with the insurance company.
Before you can receive your settlement funds, there is a process that you must go through. Your attorney will still be there helping you until you receive your personal injury settlement check.
Here is the process that must be followed before settlement proceeds will hit your account (some of the same steps must also be taken for a jury verdict to be paid).
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Mesh has been used for many decades to treat hernias. This allows doctors to quickly repair hernias. Patients can leave the hospital the same day of the procedure.
However, the problems with surgically implanted hernia mesh can begin weeks or years after the surgery. This is often a decaying piece of synthetic material that is no longer effective as time passes. In a worst-case scenario, it can harm the rest of your body.
Thousands of patients have filed lawsuits for defective hernia mesh devices. The time when you file your mesh lawsuit is critically important to your case.
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According to the Americans For Tax Fairness (ATF), “17 billionaires in Illinois saw their net worth increase by $4.9 billion or 9.3% during the first three months of the COVID 19.”
The top three Illinois billionaires – Thomas Pritzker, Joe Mansueto, and Mark Walter – increased their wealth by 16.9%, 26.1%, and 24.1%, respectively.
A total of 13 people from Illinois made to the Forbes 400 list of America’s richest people. Below, we’ve discussed the top wealthiest people in the state of Illinois.
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Punch press accidents are some of the most common types of injuries impacting factory workers.
A punch press is used in factories and industrial settings to punch holes in materials. The press must be strong enough to punch holes through metal and iron.
The machine operates with an incredible amount of force and, as a result can be dangerous for operators and those in the vicinity.
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Being a big city, Chicago is a mix of safe and dangerous places. While some regions have a high violent crime rate, others are safer for residents and visitors.
If you plan to move to Chicago or are in the city for vacation, you should know which areas to steer clear of to ensure your safety, avoiding areas that have higher violent crime rates.
In this list, we discuss the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago and the safest places in the city.
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The City of Chicago is a municipality located in Cook County, Illinois. It has over 2.7 million people and covers more than 227 square miles, with the city limits stretching as far as 25 miles from downtown.
The Chicago government employs close to 20,000 people and has been led by Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot since 2019. A few noteworthy facts about Chicago’s government are that it operates on an annual budget exceeding $8 billion U.S., pays out pensions for nearly 98% of its retired employees, and oversees more than 130 public schools with approximately 400 campuses across the greater metropolitan
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If you have ever suffered personal injury or injuries, property damage (to a vehicle especially), or other loss from an accident, collision, car accident, or other related event, then you may have thought to file a claim after an accident through car insurance, auto insurance policy, or similar claims process of insurance.
Filing a claim might be easier than you think and should be done as soon as possible to ensure the at fault party or driver involved reimburses you for the mentioned property damage, personal injury, personal injuries, etc.
Our law firm, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, works with people
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Tons of accidents require you to go to the ER and even long-term physical therapy facility. This can generate enormous medical bills for the medical treatment and related medical care.
If you talk to a personal injury lawyer from our law firm, we can review how an insurance company or health insurance company may try to get you to pay for your medical care after a car accident or other event.
An experienced personal injury attorney can speak with you in a free consultation or free case evaluation to give you legal advice related to the incident, to help you
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Coup and contrecoup injuries are a specific kind of head injury (also called brain injuries, traumatic brain injury, traumatic brain injuries, TBI, etc.).
A coup contrecoup brain injury affects the human brain tissue and causes brain swelling in the direct area of the brain affected as well as the opposite side of the brain.
If a coup injury occurs, or if a contrecoup injury occurs, the initial impact and subsequent head trauma can result in a closed head injury, brain contusion, mild concussion, axonal injury, diffuse axonal injury, intracerebral hemorrhage, coop injury, blood vessels brain damage, memory loss, blunt
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