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In addition to being painful and potentially disfiguring, dog bites can spread dangerous diseases, such as rabies or tetanus. Therefore, you and your family should avoid them if possible.
You may think that the greatest risk of a dog bite comes from animals that you do not know, such as strays. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most dog bites come from family pets or dogs that are otherwise familiar. Therefore, you should know how to prevent dog bites from your pets as well as strange animals.
How can you prevent bites from strange dogs?
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If you need to have surgery, you will usually require anesthesia. The combination of medications will help you to get through the procedure without feeling pain or being aware of what is happening. You simply go to sleep and wake up after everything is done.
However, there are some risks with anesthesia, including death. The American Society of Anesthesiologists explains that while everyone will have some risks, there are certain health conditions that increase the chances you will have complications.
Smokers often have more issues with anesthesia because of the lung damage from the habit. They also have an
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According to one of the most prevalent myths in the country, you can safely talk and text on your cellphone while driving as long as you use hands-free technology to do so. Unfortunately, this myth is false. If you succumb to it, you put not only yourself in danger, but also your passengers and others who share the road with you.
Western Slope Driving Institute warns that hands-free texting and talking constitutes distracted driving, the number one cause of motor vehicle crashes and the injuries and deaths in which they result.
Today, hands-free cellphone usage while driving represents one
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Winter in Illinois normally brings levels of snow and ice that make spring feel very far away indeed for those who must spend time outside.
As a pedestrian, you must be extra careful on snowy, icy sidewalks. A slip-and-fall incident can have catastrophic consequences. Where would liability lie for any injuries you suffer?
The Snow and Ice Removal Act
In Illinois, the Snow and Ice Removal Act encourages property owners or managers of residential units to clean snow and ice from the sidewalks abutting their property. The Act does not find property owners or managers liable for damages that arise
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For years, the professional medical scene has witnessed a troubling trend. More and more hospitals suffer from understaffing problems, which directly tie into overworked nurses and medical staff. In turn, this contributes directly to medical error and negligence.
Thus, exhaustion can and does often lead directly to issues with medical malpractice. And even more troubling still, the numbers of exhausted workers and medical mistakes both continue to rise.
Effects of exhaustion
The Nurses Service Organization discusses the dangerous impact exhaustion can have on medical workplaces. Medical professionals are not immune from the effects of exhaustion on the body. When overworked
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When you go to the hospital to deliver your child in Illinois, you must rely on the delivering doctor and other medical staff to oversee your infant’s safe delivery. Sometimes, difficult deliveries, the actions of your medical team or both lead to unanticipated hardships and birth injuries. Brachial plexus palsy, or Erb’s palsy, is one such condition that may result.
Per the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Erb’s palsy is a relatively rare, but potentially very serious, condition that affects the movement of an infant’s arm. Sometimes, children with Erb’s palsy make full recoveries. However, in other instances, they struggle
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More residents of Illinois and the rest of the United States are choosing SUVs over traditional sedans. Yet, these large, heavy vehicles often do significant damage when they strike pedestrians. Some automakers have begun to modify the body styles of their SUVs to cut back on pedestrian fatalities. However, so far, these changes have not had a significant impact on pedestrian fatality rates.
According to J.D. Power, in 2009, SUVs only accounted for about a fifth of all vehicles out on the roads. Yet, by 2019, 70% of all new vehicles sold across the United States were either SUVs or
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Oftentimes assigning fault for a car accident in Illinois may be more difficult than you may think. While the results of a driver’s actions are often apparent, the cause of them may not be so.
Many people come to us here at Cassian & Carter, LLC describing the following scenario: the driver that caused their accident emerges from their vehicle with fresh food stains on their clothing, and further inspection reveals opened food wrappers strewn about their car. If accurately depicts the aftermath of your car accident as well, then you may have fallen victim to a grossly underappreciated form
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People sometimes escape car accidents without obvious harm. Even if you do not have a clear injury, one might still affect you. The true impact may become evident at some point in the future.
According to SaferAmerica, car accidents cost the United States approximately $242 billion yearly. Those responsible need to pay, even for damage that is not immediately evident.
Types of hidden injuries
Be aware of signs that the following health problems exist after you experience a crash.
Whiplash from being in a wreck might result in neck and back strain that develops over time. The tissue between your
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If your parent or a senior loved one is suffering from dementia, it is possible your relative may engage in wandering. This can put your loved one at great risk of injury or death. If you are considering putting your relative in a nursing home, you should know that the facility is ready to handle any issues your loved one has with wandering.
As the Mayo Clinic points out, there are many reasons why a senior may wander. With proper care, a senior might have less motivation to wander. Still, a nursing home should be ready to keep a senior
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Through a variety of efforts, the U.S. has reduced traffic deaths, accidents and injuries since the 1960s. Still, the impact of motor vehicle accidents in states such as Illinois and throughout the country remains high.
Not only do accidents cause deaths and personal injuries, but they also result in property damage, life disruptions and financial impacts.
A look at the cost of traffic deaths
The Centers for Disease Control cites statistics that show the impact of motor vehicle deaths on both the national economy and on individual lives. The burden placed on the friends and families of accident victims remains
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Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience but it also comes with the added risk of injury or death if an irresponsible driver does not see you. One possible injury is road rash. This could happen if another vehicle hits you and causes you to impact against a hard surface that scrapes your skin.
Road rash can range from minor to serious in nature. You may need emergency medical attention if you suffer a particularly serious wound. Medical News Today explains some reasons why a road rash can be a threat to your health.
The severity of a road
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If you are an older adult and you fall down, you could face many different hardships. In fact, many older adults lose their lives after falling and even more suffer devastating injuries. It is important to understand how widespread falls are among older adults and review the various ways in which these accidents shatter lives.
Unfortunately, many people fall down as a result of another party’s carelessness. For example, some business owners do not pay attention to the safety of floors, stairs and walkways outside, increasing the odds of falls.
How often do older adults fall down?
The Illinois Department
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In an auto accident, the sudden impact of your vehicle could cause your head to hit a solid surface. This may result in a traumatic brain injury. A TBI is something you should seek medical help for as soon as you can. The problem is that sometimes a blow to the head does not always result in immediate symptoms.
If you walk away from a car crash with minimal pain, it does not mean you cannot develop symptoms later. Also, TBI symptoms can vary. You might not link a moment of pain with your recent accident. It is important to
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From daily commutes and exercise routines to family rides through the park, bicycling can be a fun and healthy way to get from point A to point B while enjoying the outdoors.
Unfortunately, even a careful cyclist may face serious risks, especially when sharing the road with much larger, heavier and faster motor vehicles.
How many bike accidents occur in Illinois?
In 2018, 2,359 Illinois bicyclists experienced some type of injury while riding, and 346 cyclists experienced serious injury. There were 24 cyclist fatalities in the same year, with about a fourth of those fatalities occurring in Chicago.
What are
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Walking through a grocery aisle at your local store, you may not notice all the possible ways to trip and injure yourself at first.
From broken jars to unmopped spills, many stores contain dangerous conditions for people who shop.
Poor lighting
According to the National Floor Safety Institute, shoppers often trip and fall in dark, poorly lit areas. Some places may not have working lightbulbs or some may just have unfinished construction in the middle of a building.
However, these conditions can lead to severe head injuries and even spinal trauma. Unlit stairs or hallways that are not properly taken
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