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Slipping and falling is no laughing matter. A person of any age can suffer a painful and serious injury, but a fall can be particularly dangerous for seniors or people with disabilities. If you experience a fall, you should know the different ways to alert someone that you are in distress.
It will probably not be a problem to call for help if you are young, have no disability or did not suffer a major head injury. If your situation does not let you shout for aid, Sfgate describes other ways to signal your predicament.
Use your phone
The wide
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A hit-and-run incident can be difficult to deal with. In many cases, you have no idea who the culprit was. Luckily, technology has made it harder for hit-and-run drivers to hide, so you may be able to get justice.
The Illinois General Assembly outlines what you need to do after a hit and run. It also explains the penalties for a driver who commits this type of criminal violation.
Mandatory reporting
Hit-and-run drivers must stop and leave their information or make a police report, but most will not. In these situations, you should contact the police. You will need a
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Although most hospital emergency rooms in Illinois can be chaotic, patients can usually rely on them confidently to administer appropriate and urgent care. Unfortunately, a trip to an emergency room can worsen a patient’s condition if staff members fail to follow proper protocols.
These are emergency room circumstances that may justify medical malpractice claims.
Diagnostic errors
An emergency room physician who misdiagnoses or overlooks a severe medical condition can significantly impact a patient’s prognosis. An acute illness could lead to chronic health problems or life-threatening consequences without timely or adequate treatment.
Premature discharge
Emergency room physicians must observe patients sufficiently
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Dogs attacking the mail carrier is an often joked about cliche, but it is also something that actually happens. In the city of Chicago, IL, it is something that happens a lot.
A recent poll ranks the city eighth on its list of American cities with the most dog attacks on mail carriers.
The rankings
The poll includes dog bite statistics from 2021. Chicago earned its spot thanks to the 35 dogs that attacked mail carriers during that year. Illinois has the seventh most dog bites in the country with 226 in 2021 and 289 in 2020. The United States
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When you leave your loved one in the care of others, no matter who that is, then you expect they will get the best care possible. This is particularly true in the event that you are paying a facility to ensure their well-being.
Unfortunately, not every facility has the resident’s best interests in mind. You may even notice bedsores on your loved one, which can indicate more than simple illness or age.
The formation of bedsores
Johns Hopkins Medicine discusses signs that may indicate neglect in a nursing home, including bedsores. Nursing home neglect comes in many different forms, and
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Getting into a crash can result in numerous injuries that can all have intense short-term and/or long-term impacts, or even fatal effects.
Crush injuries count as just one of the many injury types that can happen. These injuries result from part of the body getting compressed by something larger and heavier, and it can happen to anyone.
Tissue death and infection
Medline Plus discusses the impact of crush injuries on extremities. These injuries involve the legs, arms, hands and feet. Though it may seem like this is safer than a full-body crush injury, or crush injuries to the torso, that
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You may wonder what happens after you’ve been in a car crash. How can you ensure an outcome that results in your best interests?
While each case is different, if you were in a car crash that resulted in personal injury, odds are that you will go through most, if not all, of these steps.
1. File a written report
if an accident results in bodily injury or death, or property damage of over $1500, you are legally obligated to file a written report with the Illinois Department of Transportation within 10 days of the accident.
2. Create a record
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A slip and fall accident may not always be a serious issue. In some cases, the only thing hurt is your ego after the embarrassment of a fall.
Sometimes, though, a fall can be incredibly severe and lead to a medical emergency. In any case, learning how to avoid slip and fall accidents is in your best interests.
Know how they happen
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that slip and fall accidents may occur almost anywhere. You could slip on a wet floor inside a business or slide on ice on a sidewalk. You may trip over
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Getting a prescription from your doctor or medical professional may seem like the first step to feeling better, but in some cases, it is the opposite.
Medication errors can leave you with a variety of physical complications and health issues. Learning about how an error can affect you can help you understand what to do next.
Rushed and overwhelmed doctors
According to the National Library of Medicine, one common source of medication errors comes from doctors who rush through appointments or struggle to properly listen to patients. While it may not seem dangerous at first, a doctor miswriting a few
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When elderly nursing home residents do not receive proper meals or are constantly worried about how the staff will react to a request, they may withdraw and not report the abuse happening to them.
Learning more about why they do not report abuse and how this happens can help you determine what to do next for your loved one.
Worrying about retaliation
According to the National Institute on Aging, any attempt from your loved one to discuss or report abuse from a worker may lead to retaliation against them. Since elderly residents tend to be unable to complete the majority
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Whether you like to walk or jog as a convenient way to get exercise or you regularly walk to your job, it is crucial to understand the risks that you face while close to traffic. In Illinois, many pedestrians suffer serious injuries and some lose their lives in traffic accidents, and statistics shed light on how prevalent these accidents actually are.
You should also familiarize yourself with certain risk factors that could increase the likelihood of becoming involved in a pedestrian accident, such as walking when visibility is poor.
Pedestrian accident statistics
The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that over
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Patients undergoing surgery expect the proper administration of anesthesia. When this does not happen, the result could be a brain injury or another major health problem. These include heart attacks, pneumonia, and strokes.
The incorrect administration of anesthesia is a leading trigger of medical malpractice cases. Those who suffer from such errors may be dealing with the side effects for the rest of their life.
Incorrect dosage
Different surgeries and patient histories determine dosages. Knowing how much to give is vital. If there is not enough, a patient might wake up during a procedure. Too much can potentially kill someone. We
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With the arrival of spring, you probably feel that the warmer climate will make it safer to drive on Illinois roads. However, the spring season can present its own share of driving risks. While there is no guarantee that you can avoid an accident, there are some safety tips that may reduce the risk of a collision.
The AARP describes some aspects of spring that present driving risks and how you or any driver may be able to minimize the possibility of an accident.
Watch for more pedestrians
Warmer weather means that more drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists may be out
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You depend on your doctor to help you understand worrying symptoms and keep you in good health. Recently, you received a diagnosis or treatment plan you do not feel sure about. You do not want to risk becoming a victim of medical malpractice, but you also do not want to risk disrespecting your physician.
Yale Medicine shares situations where it makes sense to get another doctor’s opinion. Understand how to advocate for your rights and take care of your physical and mental health.
Recommendation for surgery
If your doctor feels you need surgery, you may want to explore other medical
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If you enjoy riding a bike for exercise, regularly bike to work or have concerns about your child who sometimes rides their bicycle near traffic, it is pivotal to understand the risks that cyclists face. Every year, many bicyclists suffer serious injuries, and these injuries have the potential to disrupt many aspects of a victim’s life.
By reviewing statistics on traffic accidents involving bicyclists, you can develop a better understanding of how widespread these incidents are. You should prioritize accident prevention, and if an accident has already occurred, make sure you pore over your options.
Data on bicyclist injuries
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A slick floor or an icy walkway can leave you in pain for weeks or months after you fall.
Although you may assume this kind of injury is not that dangerous, you can endure serious health complications after a slip and fall. Learning about the kinds of complications can help you determine what to do next.
Head trauma
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many people land on their backs when an accident happens. This means you can potentially damage your skull and brain as well as your legs or arms.
Not all signs of brain trauma
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