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Drivers of commercial vehicles, including long-haul trucks, delivery vehicles, and other vehicles driven for work-related purposes, put significant time and effort into obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Since this type of license is a requirement for certain occupations, the loss of a CDL may affect a person’s ability to continue earning an income, and it could cause significant financial difficulties for them and their families. Because of this, drivers will need to be aware of CDL violations that could affect them, and they will want to respond promptly to traffic tickets or other issues that could affect their careers.
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Originally published: December 26, 2016 – Updated April 20, 2022

Update: At our law firm, we have consistently kept up with all of the changes to the laws regarding marijuana use in the state of Illinois. A few years ago, we put together the post shown below as a consideration in the decriminalization of cannabis that was going on at the time. We highlighted some expert opinions that expressed concern over the use of drug-sniffing dogs in the state as the criminal penalties for low-level marijuana possession were being lifted.

Today, these concerns have grown even further as the state
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I am the owner of a sixteen-lawyer firm in Nashville, Tennessee. We are in our twenty-first year of practice. The firm is a business litigation firm. There are five income partners (non-equity partners) and ten associates in the firm. I hold all of the equity in the firm. While associates and income partners are paid salaries and discretionary bonuses I am looking at other options. I bring all of the clients into the firm and I am trying to change that. I would like to base compensation on origination of new client business – rainmaking if you will. I
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When you are arrested on charges of driving under the influence, you probably realize that the criminal penalties for a conviction can be severe. It may come a surprise to learn that you could face administrative penalties, including the suspension of your driving privileges, even if the criminal charges against you are dropped or you are found not guilty of DUI. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers understand that most DUI cases are multi-faceted, and we are equipped to help you at every stage of the proceedings.

Blood Alcohol Content Testing
Chemical testing for blood alcohol content, or BAC, is
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If someone asked you right now, could you stand on just one foot for 30 seconds while holding your other foot just off the floor? What about walking heel-to-toe along a straight line, then turning and coming back on the same line? What if the line was imaginary, and you could not see it? Did you know that if you had trouble with either of these exercises, federal agencies indicate that there is about an 80 percent chance that you are currently intoxicated?
Clearly, this was meant to be an exaggeration, but the reality is that the tests mentioned
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Our firm is a sixteen lawyer firm in Cleveland, Ohio. There are six equity partners, three non-equity partners, and seven associates in the firm. Our firm is a litigation boutique that represents small to mid-size companies. Three of the six equity partners are initial founders and three became equity partners later. All six are in their sixties and plan on retiring at different times over the next three to six years. The firm is managed by the six equity partners. The non-equity partners have no involvement in firm management. The six of us have concerns as we approach retirement
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On January 1, 2020, marijuana became legal for recreational use in Illinois. While the state had previously allowed marijuana to be used for medical purposes by people who had received a state-issued medical registration card, all adult residents of the state and visitors from other states are now allowed to possess and use marijuana. However, there are certain limits that apply to recreational use of marijuana, and people may still face drug charges if they violate the state’s marijuana laws.

Drug Charges for Possession or Distribution of Marijuana
The Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act made it legal for adults
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I am the sole owner of a twelve-lawyer defense litigation practice in Chicago. We represent automobile manufactures and have approximately ten major clients. I am the only equity partner in the firm and all of the other lawyers in the firm are associates. Two associates are seasoned lawyers with substantial experience and have been with the firm for many years and the other nine have less than five years experience. The two seasoned associates are in their mid-sixties. I am sixty-eight. I just realized that the firm’s office lease expires  in eight months and I have decided that this
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Our firm is an estate planning practice in the suburbs of Washington D.C. We have five attorneys and six support staff working at the firm. During the COVID lockdowns in 2020, and to some extent in 2021, our attorneys and staff worked remotely. At first we all felt that productivity actually increased. However, after a month or two working remotely we began to change our minds. Communications with each other, review of work, etc. took much longer and once the lockdowns were lifted all of us were anxious to return to the office. We have been working almost exclusively
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Gas prices have skyrocketed over the decades and paying for fuel is one of the most onerous aspects of car ownership. However, the State of Illinois gives no free passes for gas theft. The crime is punished harshly, with serious consequences that can upend your life. Gas theft takes many different forms. The offender may drive to the gas station and siphon gas directly into his vehicle or walk to the pump and fill a jerry can or barrel.
If you are charged with the crime of gas theft, you have the right to legal representation. An experienced criminal
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If you are accused of domestic violence, you may also be the subject of a protective order. Courts issue protective orders to preserve the safety and well-being of domestic violence victims. They may be imposed if the offender allegedly abused, harassed, or intimated the victim. An order is also warranted if the personal liberty of the victim was allegedly violated, or they were willfully deprived of basic necessities so as to put them at risk of physical, mental or emotional harm.
Protective orders are issued when an alleged victim is threatened or harmed by a former or current household
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We are a thirteen attorney law firm in San Diego with four equity partners, three income partners, and six associates. We are a business litigation firm and we are in first generation. The four equity partners founded the firm and manage the firm. A few years ago we held our first retreat. Everyone enjoyed the experience but when it was all said and done nothing changed – no decisions made during the retreat were implemented – and many feel that the retreat was a waste of time. There has been some recent discussions of holding another retreat and several
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There is no doubt that domestic violence is a real concern in the Chicago area. On average, more than 500 people call domestic violence hotlines every day in the Chicago area.
The state of Illinois takes domestic battery and family violence very seriously. Individuals convicted of domestic violence offenses often face lengthy prison sentences and other serious consequences. Sadly, some people use Illinois’s strict policies to “punish” or get revenge on others by reporting false accusations of domestic violence.
If you or a loved one were accused of domestic violence by a current or former romantic partner, household member,
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I am the sole owner of an estate planning firm in Chicago Suburbs. I have three other associates in the firm. Our volume of business has expanded rapidly during the last six months and we desperately need one to two more associates on board. I have been looking for three months and have been unsuccessful. I have had some leads but when I made offers they were not accepted. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
These are tough times for attracting and retaining talent in all businesses. Law firms are having difficulty hiring lawyers as well as staff. Many
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Breath interlock ignition devices connect to a car, truck, van, or other vehicle and control the vehicle’s ignition switch. In order for the ignition to engage and the vehicle to start normally, the driver must submit a breath sample into the mouthpiece of the device by blowing into it. The device analyzes the driver’s breath for alcohol. If the device registers any more than a negligible amount of alcohol on the driver’s breath, the car will not start. If the breath sample contains no alcohol, the car starts normally. Read on to learn about how Breath Alcohol Interlock Ignition Devices
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Our firm is an eight-lawyer insurance defense firm in Chicago. We represent insurance companies across the ChicagoLand  area representing their insured’s in personal injury cases. Our clients are billed by the hour and we have a wide range of hourly rates based upon the client, type of matter, who is working on the case, etc. We have three equity partners and five associates working in the firm. Currently all of the associates are paid a straight salary and a discretionary bonus. We are having issues with our associates not putting in the billable hours that we need them to
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