Cook County estate planning lawyerThe more beneficiaries there are in a will, the more likely someone will be left disappointed enough to attempt to contest it. It is not uncommon for family, friends, or colleagues to feel snubbed after a will reading. Some are grateful, whereas others feel they deserve more. When attempting to contest a will, it will require a reason that is more than “I think I deserve more.” An attorney with experience in probate litigation can offer assistance in having a will thrown out by challenging its validity.

Common Reasons For Contesting A Will

There are a few different reasons to contest a will that can be successful. However, undue influence and a lack of testamentary (mental) capacity are the two most common reasons a will may be contested. Undue influence is when you feel that the testator (the person who made the will) was coerced or pressured into creating or revising the current will. Lack of testamentary capacity is when the person contesting feels that the testator was not of sound mind and body when creating the will. Other reasons for contesting a will include fraud or whether or not the will was executed and signed by state laws.