Wheaton, IL child support lawyerOne of the best-known facts of life is that things change. For better or for worse, you can plan something for your future and then find that your situation is extremely different just a few years later and your plans are no longer relevant. The same is true for plans made as part of a divorce settlement

You might have been gainfully employed at the time of your divorce and have committed to pay a certain sum in child support. The amount that would make a huge difference in your ex’s ability to cover childcare costs might not have even been something you considered a lot at the time. However, if you are unexpectedly laid off from your job and suddenly find yourself nervous that you might not be able to cover your monthly expenses, things can become more complicated. If you pay child support and have lost your job, you should speak with an experienced Wheaton, IL child support attorney to help you make sense of a confusing situation.