After a car accident, the most noticeable injuries are usually those that people worry about. However, internal injuries are the ones you need to watch out for, as they can go undetected after a traffic crash. Based on reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 9000 people go to an emergency room after an accident. Although this number is relatively high, it underestimates how many people have been injured because people don’t seek treatment for internal injuries.

Internal bleeding after a car accident is quite common. However, internal bleeding can be deadly because it doesn’t have obvious signs. This article will explain internal bleeding after an auto accident and the proper steps to take.

Causes of Internal Bleeding After a Car Accident in Chicago

Below are some of the leading causes of internal bleeding after a collision.

Blunt Trauma

Blunt trauma caused by a car accident occurs when your body collides with something. This crash usually occurs when a driver goes beyond the speed limit. Blood vessels inside the body could be torn or crushed by a blunt object or shear forces.

Decelerating Trauma

This form of trauma occurs when the body organs are on a forward trajectory even though the muscles, spines, and other organs come to an abrupt stop. Although most people think all body parts accelerate and decelerate as one, this doesn’t always happen. Decelerating trauma could affect organs like the brain, heart, and lungs.

Penetrating Trauma

Another common cause of internal bleeding after a traffic crash is penetrating trauma. Victims could experience a deep puncture wound or laceration when an accident occurs. When a collision occurs, emergency responders focus on the puncture wound and miss the internal bleeding.

Compression Injuries

This type of injury occurs when something presses upon your body just enough to injure your internal organs or blood vessels. An example is if a person is thrown out of their vehicle after a car incident, but the car ends up resting on some parts of their body. The car’s weight could compress your internal organs, causing them to bleed.

Our car accident lawyers recommend victims of car crashes seek medical treatment and evaluation immediately after the accident.

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding After an Auto Accident in Chicago

Although it could be tricky to find internal bleeding symptoms after a traffic crash, below are some signs that you need to seek medical attention after an auto crash.

Blood in Stool or Urine

If you notice blood at some point when you use the bathroom, you need to see a medical professional. Most people make the mistake of assuming it will simply go away. Most times, blood in stool or urine reflects a worsening problem caused by severe damage to the bowels, kidneys, or other body parts.


High-impact crashes could injure the internal organs of both drivers and passengers. In addition, this impact could result in serious health complications. Therefore, look for chest pain, abdominal pain, or even tenderness. Once you leave the accident scene, seek medical attention for stomach, chest, or groin tenderness, even if the pain is mild.


Another sign of internal bleeding after a car crash is bruising. Although the injury is internal, you might notice dark, purple skin. Most times, this indicates that you are bleeding into your skin and soft tissues. When you experience this, you should see a doctor, as this is more serious than an everyday bruise.


You might also feel dizzy or nauseous after a car accident. This could be a result of blood loss. Sometimes, victims vomit due to internal bleeding. If you’re vomiting after a traffic crash, then something is wrong.

Signs of Shock

Most times, your body is shocked when you lose a lot of blood quickly. After the crash, victims could experience weakness, a faster heart rate, lethargy, and lightheadedness.

What to Do After Suffering Internal Bleeding in a Traffic Crash

Internal bleeding can occur even after a minor car crash. Sometimes, you’re unaware you’ve sustained internal bleeding. Right after the accident, you should call 911, ensuring the Chicago police department comes over to the scene. This is important, as the report by the responding police officer can be instrumental in receiving compensation.

Next, you must seek medical assistance immediately after the crash. A doctor could detect hidden or delayed injuries you’re not aware of. Don’t avoid medical treatment just because everything seems to be fine.

In some cases, minor internal bleeding stops on its own. However, for more severe cases of bleeding, you’ll need to undergo intensive treatment.

Damages You Can Recover When You’re Suffering from Internal Bleeding after a Car Accident

  • Medical Costs: You can recover compensation for past and future medical expenses. You can receive enough compensation if you also need adaptive devices to cope with the injuries sustained internally.
  • Lost Wages: If the internal bleeding prevented you from going to work, you could recover compensation for lost wages and the loss of future wages if you have to take more time off work.
  • Pain and Suffering: Your internal injury would cause you pain, and you can also seek compensation for this from the driver at fault.
  • Emotional Distress: Most times, a car accident affects more than two lives. The at-fault party could also compensate for the emotional distress caused by the internal bleeding to the victim and their family members.

If the internal bleeding killed the victim, their family could pursue a claim for wrongful death. Beyond medical bills and funeral costs, the family could also seek compensation for the loss of companionship after the victim’s death.

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Internal bleeding caused by car accidents usually requires extensive medical care. This often leaves the victim with large medical bills, and they have to take extensive time off work to recover. However, if you or a loved one has suffered internal bleeding from a car crash caused by someone’s negligence, you can recover compensation for damages.

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