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When a person dies as a result of another person or entity’s misconduct or negligence, the surviving family members might decide to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. The death might be a result of a car accident, medical malpractice, drowning or boating accident, or premise liability accident.
Wrongful death cases are a complex area of legal practice and they require knowledge, experience, and compassion. At Michael J. Brennan, our wrongful death lawyers have a unique blend of experience, professionalism, and sympathy that we bring into play on behalf of grieving family members.
We understand that a loved one’s death
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Being involved in a road accident with a commercial truck or tractor-trailer is a frightening experience.  You could suffer severe injuries from an accident involving such a large vehicle. Large truck accidents are considered complex because determining liability is a challenge, especially where several parties are involved. Once such an accident happens, you must contact an attorney who is well versed in federal and state trucking regulations and has experience handling those types of claims.
Commercial truck accidents are different from the usual crashes that involve passenger vehicles. This is because the trucking company employs a truck driver who may
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Whenever you are in a car accident, your first thought is to ensure everyone’s safety. But once you are done with that excruciating responsibility, the second idea that barrages your mind is about who holds the liability in a car accident. 
The question is not only important for your conscience but also crucial for your insurance coverage. It is because in some states, knowing which party is negligent is important for even basic insurance claims such as medical expenses. In other areas, it’s critical for seeking damages through legal means. That’s why it’s important to assign fault in a car
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Workplace injuries or occupational injuries take place due to a wide variety of reasons. Labor statistics note that work-related injuries occur more frequently than one would imagine. While these occupational injuries are less likely to be fatal workplace injuries, it is essential to note that common workplace injuries can have an impact on employees. As such, it is necessary to pay attention to matters related to common workplace injuries and to prioritize occupational safety.
Here is what you need to know about occupational injuries, workplace safety, and how to get ahead in situations where you find yourself in situations related
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As we go about our daily lives, we generally have the expectation that we will be able to get up, go to work or school, complete our necessary activities, come home, and go to bed safely. Obviously, there are some other activities that can take place throughout the day depending on your personal circumstances, but the general expectation is that we will be able to conduct our lives as normal every day.
Sometimes, however, another person’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness interrupts the flow of our daily routine and causes serious harm or even death. A car accident, medical malpractice, slip
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The 21st century is already in its second decade, and the world is changing more quickly than ever before. In the last 18 months, the United States (and the rest of the globe) has had to deal with COVID-19, Zoom meetings, new digital distractions, and a variety of other things. The prices of goods and services, especially medical expenses and the cost of living, have also risen at an extraordinary rate. In these ever-changing times, an accident that results in serious injuries can have life-altering consequences.
Even the most prepared individuals cannot truly prepare for a personal injury situation. Whether
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Although most users of the roadways are cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and other motorized vehicles, pedestrians also commonly traverse the roadways. Drivers must be aware of the presence of pedestrians and give them the same considerations as other drivers.
The problem arises when drivers fail to pay close attention and do not see pedestrians crossing the road or walking through a parking lot. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, the individual without the car is sure to be seriously injured, if not killed.
When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle and dies as a direct result of
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What Is A Medical Malpractice?
When you fall sick, the most obvious thing you are likely to do is to call the doctor or rush to the nearest hospital for help. It is normal to put your hope for recovery in the hands of a trained and licensed physician. 
However, sometimes a physician can fail to ask the right questions, order the right tests, refer you to the right specialists, or even tell you the side effects of prescription medicine before sending you home with it. This is a high level of medical negligence that can cause a serious personal
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Road accidents are the leading cause of death among people under 55 in the USA. Personal injuries from a car accident can be immediate or delayed. Therefore, it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately after an accident, even if you do not see signs of injuries or feel the pain. 
This post will discuss how a car accident victim can get compensation for lost income, wages, and earnings.
Defining Lost Wages
Many things happen on the road. For example, motorists can knock or be knocked by another vehicle, deny other motorists or pedestrians the right of way, hit
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We constantly get to learn about claims of frivolous lawsuits on the news and in the media. As common as it might be, nobody ever stops to explain what exactly a frivolous lawsuit is.
In simple terms, a frivolous lawsuit is a claim with no chance of proceeding due to a lack of legal merit. Categorizing a lawsuit as frivolous depends on one’s point of view. 
As such, most personal injury cases are considered frivolous by the party getting sued. The injured party does not, however, look at it that way. 
Here are a few facts about frivolous lawsuits that
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Accidents involving a big rig, delivery truck, or any other commercial vehicle are incredibly complex. It can be incredibly challenging to determine whether the truck driver or the trucking company is financially responsible for the resultant damages.
Suppose you or someone close to you is injured or killed in a Chicago truck accident. You can hold the parties at fault accountable for the damages by filing an injury or wrongful death lawsuit
Even so, it helps to understand that figuring out exactly who is liable can be an uphill task.
This article examines some of the issues that determine
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Not all traffic collisions happen as a result of driving at high speeds. For example, speed is not a factor in 75% of all fatal motor incidents. However, even slight collisions have the potential to cause significant injury to the occupants.
All car accidents, including the minor ones with slight property damage, can be frightening. 
What Are Low-Impact Car Accidents?
Low-speed crashes are referred to as “low impact collisions.” They occur when a car collides with another car or an object at a low speed, often less than 15 mph. 
They are at times also known as “fender benders.”
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Car accidents are extremely scary and can be followed by a lot of confusion. If another person caused the accident and you got injured, driving off makes things worse. Chances that this incident was caught on camera are high. 
If the accident happens on business premises, at home, or where a police dashcam captured it, obtaining the live camera footage should be a primary goal to capture the driver who ran off. 
Traffic cameras are also used to monitor driving behavior, and most times, they capture car accidents. After an accident, the other party might blame you for causing the

The law assumes that a person who causes harm and is of sound mind should have foreseen that his or her actions will result in harming the next person. 
The concept of foreseeability places liability on a defendant whose actions lead to harming another person. Foreseeability is a difficult concept but one which the law uses to bring justice to people who have suffered as a direct consequence of the actions of others.
Understand the concept of foreseeability better and learn the different ways through which foreseeability can be argued. Further, we shall address the two categories of foreseeability and
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Defective construction equipment is the major cause of construction accident cases. In most cases, the construction workers may not be aware of the defects in the equipment. 
As an employer, consider having all equipment pre-checked before use. Bear in mind poor working conditions such as slippery floors lead to accidents, and any worker has the right to claim medical compensation.
When construction equipment malfunctions, they can lead to major harm to the person using the tool and others who are nearby. The hazards of defective power tools may impact workers at construction sites or people just trying to do home
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Every year, there are 28 million falls, which result in three million emergency room visits and 28,000 deaths. However, if you’ve slipped and fallen, statistics are small comfort while you suffer through the pain and expenses of injury.
What is a Slip and Fall Injury?
Slip and fall injuries refer to a class of accidents that revolve around falling. You can literally slip and fall to the ground. Or you could trip on something and fall or tumble down poorly maintained stairs.
What’s the Average Payout of a Slip and Fall Accident?
No one number can quantify the
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