A first DUI charge may sound simple, and you may want to represent yourself, thinking it may be reduced to a misdemeanor with no or minimal chances of jail time. Unfortunately, most drunk driving charges are complicated, and you may not be able to handle them alone. There is a civil and criminal side to a DUI, and a public defender cannot handle the civil side of the case. This can result in the suspicion of your license, affecting your daily operations.

If you’ve been charged with a first DUI, you may be wondering whether you should hire a DUI attorney or handle the case alone. It is worth noting that hiring a DUI attorney has many benefits, and you may not experience the benefits if you represent yourself. Experienced DUI attorneys from JTLG, LLC can handle your case and protect your rights if you’ve been charged with a first DUI.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Your First DUI

DUI laws are stringent, and even a first-time offense can lead to severe penalties and fines if you get convicted. Here are the benefits of hiring a DUI attorney.

Protect Your Rights

An experienced DUI attorney understands state laws and can navigate your case to protect your rights for a first DUI. The lawyer will analyze your case and find a possible defense. The law states that you deserve a proper arrest even if you’ve committed an offense. Here are several ways a DUI attorney can protect your rights.

  • Determine whether you provided consent to the enforcement officer to test you for irregularities found.
  • Find out if the officer who arrested you has questionable credibility.
  • Follow up and find out if the necessary testing procedure were conducted.
  • Determine how accurate the testing equipment was when measuring your BAC levels.
  • Find out if the traffic stop was lawful. The officers should have enough reasons to stop you.

The lawyer can thoroughly explore multiple options to increase your chances of a favorable outcome. You might be dismissed if the lawyer proves that your arrest was unconstitutional.

Protect Your Driver’s License from Suspension

The inconvenience that comes with driver’s license suspension is not something you may want to experience. However, getting a driver’s license suspension is possible if you fail to provide enough reasons not to suspend the license within ten days.

Hiring a DUI attorney at the first DUI hearing is an excellent way to protect your license from suspension. The attorney can explore skills and determine ways to challenge the suspension of your license at the first hearing.

Defend You Before the Case Goes to Court

A DUI lawyer can urge that certain evidence should not be presented to the court before a judge or jury because the evidence was wrongly obtained or contains irregularities. The lawyer will argue as violating your rights and work out ways to ensure your case does not proceed to court. This process can save you time and money in the long run.

Negotiate to Reduce Penalty Charges

While first DUI offense penalties are not as harsh as repeat offenders, you may still face harsh penalties if convicted. This can bring many changes and negatively impact your life in the long run. An experienced DUI attorney can handle the case for you and negotiate the charges for a favorable outcome. The prosecutor may offer a reasonable pre-trial agreement.

Can Win a Dismissal If the Case Goes To Trial

If your case goes to trial, it can be acquitted if the prosecutor cannot prove that you committed the crime. However, it is important to have an experienced DUI attorney handle the case for you. The DUI lawyer will know how to handle the case in trial. This process requires a careful case review of the arrest information and all the evidence. The lawyer can work out possible plea deal negotiations for a better outcome of your case.

What to Do After Your First Dui Arrest

If you get arrested for your first DUI, you might be confused and not know what to do. Contacting a DUI attorney and seeking legal knowledge about what to do is important. The lawyer can thoroughly analyze the discovery materials, including police reports, records of chemical tests, and videos. These materials play a crucial role in helping the DUI attorney determine whether the police failed to follow the law or used defective tests, thus, helping the DUI lawyer to make informed decisions. This shows that if you decide to handle the case alone, you might be overwhelmed and not know where to start and how to defend your case.

Contact Experienced DUI Attorney for Your First DUI

Whether you think you are guilty or not in your first DUI, do not plead guilty before speaking to a DUI attorney. Experienced DUI lawyers from Johnston Tomei Lenczycki & Goldberg, LLC in Lake County Illinois can evaluate your case, fight for you and negotiate a good deal. We can help ensure you return to your daily business without worrying about the suspicion of your driver’s license. We handle cases in Lake County, McHenry County, and Cook County. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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