Arlington Heights, IL personal injury lawyerGetting the news that you will be losing a limb can be devastating, especially after a car accident that is not your fault. Yet traffic accidents are the second leading cause of amputations. Sometimes you may not even have time to digest the horrible news because it happens in a violent car crash. Other times, a doctor may say they need to amputate to save your life. Amputation injuries can have a profound impact on your life and for that reason are considered catastrophic injuries.

Common Amputation Injuries

Trauma caused by car crashes, sports injuries, and workplace accidents accounts for 45 percent of all of the limbs lost each year. While a severed finger, for example, can sometimes be reattached by medical professionals, these procedures are not always successful. If a limb develops an infection or is too damaged it will need to be removed. A physician may also determine that an arm or a leg crushed in a car accident may need to be amputated to save a life. There is a wide range of amputation injuries you can sustain in a vehicle, motorcycle, truck, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents. These are the most commonly reported types of amputations:

  • Above the knee – removing part of the toes, foot, leg, or thigh

  • Below the knee – includes toes, foot, and leg

  • Arm

  • Hand

  • Finger

Time is Critical

In Illinois, you can pursue compensation for medical expenses from the party responsible for your injuries. An amputation can require hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical treatment, and you may be entitled to compensation for past medical bills as well as future bills. You may also seek compensation for lost wages while you recover. This includes any loss of future income if the injury prevents you from going back to work. You may also be able to seek damages for disfigurement, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

While it is important to recover physically and adapt to a new way of life, you cannot let too much time pass by between your accident and taking legal action. If you hope to recover compensation for the injuries and losses you incurred, it is important that you take legal action before it is too late. Under the state of Illinois, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.

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