kane county workers compensation lawyerPeople who suffer work-related injuries that fall under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act and cannot work or face certain work restrictions can be entitled to temporary disability benefits.

TTD benefits begin when an injured worker is off work for two consecutive weeks and become payable on the first full day the worker is authorized to be off of work. TTD benefits are paid weekly or biweekly depending on how an injured worker was paid by their employer.

Who Is Entitled To Ttd Benefits After A Work Injury?

TTD benefits are paid to workers who miss at least three days of work because of an injury or an illness. An injury must occur on the job, although an injury can still be covered by TTD even when it only partially resulted from a line of work.

Injured workers must notify their employers of their injuries or illnesses. TTD benefits are customarily calculated to be two-thirds of a worker’s average weekly wage.

A TTD benefit rate can increase based on a worker’s marital status and number of children. When an injured worker was only working part-time and their average weekly wage was less than the minimum, their entire average weekly wage will be used as for determining TTD benefits.

How Much Can You Receive Through Ttd?

The currently allowed maximum amount for TTD benefits is $1,792.73 from July 15, 2022 through January 14, 2023. The minimum amounts for employees with no children or spouse is $320, $368 for a worker with one child or spouse, $416 for a worker with two children, $464 for a worker with three children, and $480 for a worker with four children.

A person who makes $2,500 a week receives two-thirds of their average weekly wages, while a person who only made $1,500 a week could be eligible for $1,000 in TTD benefits. It is important to work with a skilled attorney so you can pursue as much compensation as possible.

How A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You Pursue Compensation

Employers are rarely eager to help their employees understand their rights when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits. If you want an honest and thorough examination of your case, contact experienced legal counsel.

An attorney is going to be able to fully review your entire case and may be able to help you pursue additional compensation when your workplace injury was the result of another party’s negligence. By having legal representation, you will give yourself the best chance of recovering the financial compensation you need and deserve.

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