illinois nursing home abuse lawyerThe Illinois Nursing Home Care Act sets out certain rights that people who live in skilled nursing facilities have. People who go to live in nursing homes often give up many of the freedoms and comforts of living at home. They may be asked to sign in and out when they leave. Residents prone to elopement may be required to wear a personal alarm that will alert staff if they attempt to leave. However, a person does not give up all of their personal liberties when they move into a long-term care facility. In Illinois, enumerated rights are set out to protect individuals who live in nursing homes. These rules are in place to prevent vulnerable residents from being taken advantage of, neglected, or abused. Sadly, many elderly and disabled Illinois residents face neglect and mistreatment in these facilities. When a resident has their rights violated, they may suffer irreparable harm. If you or your loved one has suffered harm due to nursing home mistreatment, you may wish to speak to an attorney about the possibility of recovering compensation. 

Resident Rights Enumerated in the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

Nursing home residents and their loved ones should be familiar with the legal rights they have so that any violations can be noticed quickly. Rights of nursing home residents in Illinois include: 

  • Courtesy and respect – Staff at care facilities must treat patients with courtesy and respect. Disrespectful or rude treatment can impact the mental health status of a nursing home resident, which can lead to a degradation in overall health. 

  • Basic needs – People who live in nursing homes must have all of their basic human needs met. Basic needs include the need for nutrition and fluid intake, necessary medications, adequate personal hygiene, and toileting. 

  • Personal property – Residents have the right to maintain control of their own personal property, including their clothing, photographs, room decor, and cell phones. There is an exception if a particular item could create a hazard to the resident. A nursing home that needlessly confiscates residents’ belongings may well be abusive in other ways.

  • Choice of doctor – Even if a nursing home has its own medical staff, residents retain the right to receive care from the doctor of their choosing. If you or your loved one has a care provider you trust, they should not be prevented from continuing to receive care from that provider. If a nursing home attempts to prevent you or your loved ones from continuing to see your chosen provider, suspicion may well be warranted. 

These are only a few of the numerous rights the law explicitly states that nursing home residents have. If you notice that your or your loved ones’ rights are being violated, it is important to take action promptly. A nursing home that does not respect the legal rights of its residents may be providing subpar care in other ways and causing harm to the vulnerable people in its care. 

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