Going through a divorce is a difficult process. It becomes more difficult if you and your spouse cannot agree on whose responsibility it is to pay for the most important and necessary expenses. It is common to have a workable, temporary agreement to stabilize the family living routine and help ease along the process until the divorce becomes final. Because getting a divorce is life-changing, you will need to consult an experienced Chicago divorce attorney who can help you with the process. To help you sort through whose responsibility it is to pay the bills and expenses, here is an outline of who pays the bills when going through a divorce:

Generally, Who Pays the Bills During Divorce?

There is usually one spouse who is considered the family breadwinner. The family breadwinner is the person who normally handles the majority of the bills. It could be helpful to maintain it that way. Also, it would be for the benefit of the family if spouses can agree on whose responsibility it is to pay for a particular bill or expense. However, because money is a highly disputed issue in a divorce, this is commonly a challenge. When this happens, the court will usually determine who is responsible for certain bills and expenses.

Which bill is your responsibility?

If a credit card is in your name alone, then it is your responsibility to pay for bills incurred in that credit card. Deciding on who should pay for bills in both spouses’ names is the challenging part. These bills may include:

  • Joint credit cards
  • Car payments
  • Mortgage payments
  • Gas and electric bills
  • Cable and WiFi bills

It is your responsibility to know and protect your rights and interests if a certain bill is both in your name and that of your spouse. Also, you should know that paying for certain bills while going through a divorce does not give you the right or privilege to have your money returned or covered after the divorce is finalized. Know that agreements in writing that are determined by the court are the only legally binding ones.

It is common for you to feel overwhelmed or stressed when making major decisions while going through a divorce. This is why you need the help and support of an experienced divorce attorney who will protect your rights and interests as you go through the long legal process of divorce. We are here to take you through the process. Give us a call at (312) 252-2085 to see how we can help.