Trials Begin with Jury Instructions

Jim Coogan and Ben Joravsky Discuss that Kenosha Trial

Well beyond the borders of the Southeastern Wisconsin town, Americans tuned into the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Kenosha County had charged Mr. Rittenhouse with homicide and attempted homicide for the shooting deaths of two people and wounding another during demonstrations there in August, 2020. The case immediately captured national attention. Demonstrators descended on Kenosha in a civil rights protest.

The killings and the charges against Rittenhouse were covered extensively in national news, cable opinion news and were being live streamed. Following the jury’s verdict acquitting Rittenhouse, Jim Coogan joined The Ben Joravsky Show to discuss the trial. Jim explains how jury instructions work and the rules this jury had to follow. He also explains the elements of homicide charges and the prosecution’s and defense’s cases.

Anna Feuer begins the podcast describing efforts that workers at the Chicago Art Institute are making to form a union to protect their workers. Jim joins the podcast at the 30-minute mark.

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