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Free Speech Has Limits

One of those limits is that the law protects people from false and defamatory statements.
In today’s media environment, spectacle sells. Many public actors take advantage of the shock value of bold statements, conspiratorial claims and wild accusations to get attention. That tactic definitely attracts eyeballs and ears. However, there are limits and some claims can cross the line.
In this episode, Ben & Jim discuss a recent development in an infamous defamation lawsuit brought against Alex Jones, the host of The Alex Jones Show and principal of the InfoWars media brands. The judge presiding over
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Nothing Gets Built Without Hard Work
We celebrate workers this Labor Day – You are the Fabric of America
At Dwyer & Coogan, our lawyers and staff believe in hard work. None of us would be where we are, in the fortunate position to work for clients we care about doing work that we believe in, without it. Each of us had opportunities to get here thanks to the sacrifices and hard work of our parents and their parents before them. The United States is a young country. In just a few decades, we built great structures and a vast
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Dangerous Products Can Injure
Key: Determining the Responsible Party
When an injury occurs as the result of negligence, one of the first questions is: who is responsible? When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian in a crosswalk, the answer may be clear. But what if the driver was driving as part of their job? A good lawyer will dig into these questions and identify the proper parties.
But when a product fails–cutting, burning, exploding–finding the responsible party may be more difficult. In 2021, millions of Americans buy hundreds of millions of products through Amazon. It is the world’s largest online retailer.
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What Is A Diagnostic Error?
Medical Care Requires an Accurate Diagnosis for Treatment
Medical treatment begins with diagnosing the cause of the problem.
“Where does it Hurt?”
Studies have shown that there are over 440,000 fatal medical errors that occur each year in the United States. Often, the problem begins right from the beginning. This is because the course of proper medical care always begins with a diagnosis. Doctors and nurses must ask the right questions and make correct observations from the start before they can begin the proper treatment–indeed, good medical care requires a good diagnosis.
An example:
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Injuries Lead to Prescription Pain Medication
Pain Meds are a routine part of injury treatment–but they must be taken carefully. (Credit: Photo by Julie Viken from Pexels)
We Know You are Hurting
One common feature among our clients is that they have been injured. Maybe it was a fall, a crash, poor nursing care, or some other mode of injury, they are dealing with pain. That is something the lawyers at Dwyer & Coogan are accustomed to seeing. We read medical records every day as part of our work. And those records nearly always refer to prescription pain medications.
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Cook County Sets May 3 for Civil Jury Trial Return
Daley Center – Chicago. Civil Jury Trials to resume here May 3, 2021 – Credit: Flickr photo/Jaysin Trevino via CC-BY-2.0
Return of Civil Jury Trials Critical for Injured Parties
No one wants a trial. Well, that is to say: no one prefers to end up in front of a group of strangers sitting in a jury box. High stakes. All-or-nothing. Nerve wracking. And let us not consider the butterflies involved in sitting in that witness chair, under the lights, being cross-examined.
But Civil Jury trials are critical for the function
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Podcast: Jim Coogan about Law & Impeachment
How Do Senators Compare to Jurors?
Listen in as Jim Coogan joins The Ben Joravsky Show to discuss how the “jurors” in an Impeachment trial differ from those in a Court trial. There have only been four trials for impeachment of the President of the United States in nearly 240 years. These trials combine law and politics in a unique way that focuses attention on some of the basic law under the Constitution. The 2021 version presented us with questions about the First Amendment.
The post Jim Coogan Discusses Jurors and Impeachment appeared
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New Illinois Law Leads to More Just Results
Bill Passed by General Assembly Would Encourage Settlements

“Justice delayed, is justice denied” is real for every injured person who just wants to move on with life.

For Injured People, Time Not on Their Side
Injured plaintiffs will all tell you the same thing: “I just want my case to be over.” Most will also tell you that they never sued anyone before and did not desire to call a lawyer in the first place. For most, it is uncertainty about paying the bills. Or when medical expenses start to pile up.
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Photo via Prexels (
Business in a Pandemic
We’re all facing challenges as a result of the pandemic, but small business owners have been hit especially hard. In many states, several types of small businesses have yet to reopen amid COVID-19 restrictions. Bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and businesses selling non-essential items are really struggling to make ends meet right now, so we’ve gathered a list of resources to help these business owners stay afloat as we weather this pandemic.
Improve Your Business Processes
Take advantage of this downtime to tackle administrative tasks, reduce your operating expenses, and find ways to
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The Legacy of AG William Barr
Jim Coogan Joins The Ben Joravsky Show to Discuss the Attorney General
Over the course of the Trump Presidency, there have been two AG’s confirmed by the Senate. The first was (former Senator) Jefferson B. Sessions. The last was William P. Barr. After the November Election, AG Barr announced that he had tendered his resignation to the White House. Our Jim Coogan joined The Ben Joravsky Show for a lively discussion of some of the acts that AG Barr undertook in service of politics and the Presidency. Tune in here.
A Turbulent Period
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Justice is difficult to access outside of the Courtroom, but Dwyer & Coogan is here working for you.
Our Lawyers Continue to Take Cases & File Cases
This has been a challenging year. There is no other way to say it. Our lawyers and staff have adjusted by working from home when necessary. We have maximized our use of our case management software, electronic communications and remote technology to connect to the Courts and our clients. We have done everything possible to navigate changes to the Court system and the Workers’ Compensation system. This has included
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Elections and the Law
The 2020 Presidential Election is Over But Controversy Remains
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. has been projected to win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. But even late in the week of the election, absentee and mail-in votes continued to be counted in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and other states that had been deemed “too close to call.” Thus, the country waited for projections from the analysts. Behind the scenes, lawyers waited.
Now, since President Trump has been projected to lose the Electoral College vote, his Campaign’s lawyers have sprung into action. In this latest appearance on The Ben
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Auto Insurers Claimed Generosity in Issuing Premium Rebates
Even with less damage on the roads, when crashes happen, consult with a lawyer.
You have seen the commercials. Lower traffic during these times means lower insurance claims. And Insurance companies are giving back. But insurance regulatory filings and financial statements show there is more to the story.
This spring, when government orders forced businesses to cut back or close and workers to stay home, many companies reduced their advertising. The only companies left to buy airtime seemed to be those that delivered food or sold auto
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New Era, New Office
View of new Office Building from Northwest Highway
Relocation Plan Accelerated by COVID-19
In an effort to better serve our clients, Dwyer & Coogan is relocating its Primary office to the Northwest Suburbs. Our goal is to provide excellent legal services, achieve economic justice for our clients, and to so conveniently. In service of the Convenience goal, our new Primary office will be located in Park Ridge, Illinois.
Many of our clients have difficulty traveling to Downtown Chicago for meetings. Now, we will offer a Northwest location in addition to our Southwest Suburban office in
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The Incident
A 74-years old woman with a long history of rheumatoid arthritis and partial dementia was admitted to a Chicago area nursing facility for rehabilitation care. She had deconditioned during a recent hospital stay to treat sickness and dehydration. She had mobility limitations. Staff apparently failed to adjust their treatment when she developed a urinary infection after two weeks in the facility. She experienced a fall in the middle of the night that caused a severe head injury. The brain trauma led to her death. She left behind a husband of 55 years.
The Result – $775,000 settlement for
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The Incident
A 42-year-old School Maintenance Engineer fell from a ladder, and landed on his heel. This fractured the heel-end of his tibia. The injury developed into a severe pain condition that prevented him from returning to work. This was after several years of attempted medical treatment.
The Result – $450,000 settlement for future lost wages
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