We are investigating claims against Pinnacle Logistics.     Our law firm filed two lawsuits against Pinnacle Logistics.

Overtime Lawsuit:  The first relates to whether Pinnacle properly paid overtime pay when employees were paid a shift differential.   We are interested in hearing from other workers who worked overtime at any of Pinnacle’s facilities in the United States.

Biometric Fingerprint Lawsuit:   The second lawsuit relates to whether Pinnacle required the use of a biometric fingerprint scanner when its workforce punched in and out.   This lawsuit is limited to those Pinnacle employees who worked at its former facility in Rockford, Illinois.

Please email us if you worked for Pinnacle Logistics at anytime since 2015.      If you have your paystubs, you can email scans or pictures of them to:  admin@fishlawfirm.com

No court has determined that Pinnacle did anything wrong.  This is for an investigation.



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