The Fish Law Firm filed a Charge of Discrimination with the Chicago office of the National Labor Relations Board.  The Charge was filed by a nurse who worked at Mercy Hospital in Chicago who alleges wrongful termination in a dispute involving a face mask & her concern over COVID-19 exposure.  She alleges that she was instructed to remove a protective mask that she purchased on-line at Amazon for her own protection in working on the front line with persons potentially exposed to COVID-19.  She alleges she complained to management about the need for protective masks and she was fired shortly thereafter.

It is important for healthcare workers’ rights to be protected at this critical and uncertain time.   When workers feel unsafe, they have the right to speak up to management.   We are committed to protecting the legal rights of healthcare workers because they are so vital to getting through this pandemic.

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Fired Mercy Hospital Nurse Alleges Retaliation for Speaking Out About Lack of Masks While Treating Coronavirus Patients



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