Throughout the winter season, inclement weather conditions such as snow, ice, and slush can become prevalent on our roads and sidewalks. Although the sight of snow can be appealing to look at, both pedestrians and motorists should be aware of the hazards that can result. At Livas Law Group, A Division of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz, we understand that the negligent actions of an individual or business can lead to life-altering injuries. Before venturing out in the wintertime, there are several preventive measures that can be utilized to limit the possibility of suffering an injury.

Dress Appropriately

Paying attention to the weather conditions and understanding how clothing and footwear could affect your safety is crucial during the wintertime. A pedestrian that is traveling by foot should consider wearing clothing that increases their visibility and shoes that can help maintain traction. For example, clothing that blends in with the environment (white coats and non-reflective items) and footwear that limits your ability to move safely (dress shoes and high heels) should be avoided for outdoor use.      

Walk Cautiously

It is important to be aware of the movement restrictions that wintertime weather can cause. Due to the likelihood of slippery streets and wet pavements, every action should be well thought out. Even if a surface looks safe, black ice can be prevalent. When out and about, pedestrians should remember to:

  • Maintain balance
  • Avoid running or walking at an unsafe pace
  • Take small steps
  • Abstain from carrying large or heavy objects
  • Utilize hand railings and other supports

Since the City of Chicago Municipal Code requires residents and businesses to clear a 5-foot wide path along the sideway, slip and fall injuries related to snow and ice could leave a negligent property owner liable.

Be Aware of Motorists

Regardless if you are walking or operating a vehicle, the actions of another driver could result in catastrophic injuries. Car crashes related to adverse weather conditions could still hold a motorist responsible for his or her negligent actions. While it is impossible to predict what another person is going to do, taking extra precautions could decrease the likelihood of an accident happening. Providing yourself with extra time and avoiding risky behavior during the winter season are often considered best practices. 

Contact a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

Fortunately, many injuries that are related to snow, ice and slush can be avoided. Although wintertime weather can be difficult to understand, it is possible for individuals to safely navigate through the adverse conditions. If you have suffered because of another person’s negligence, it is imperative to contact a legal professional. At Livas Law Group, our experienced Chicago pedestrian and car accident lawyers will work with you to help recover financial compensation. To schedule a free consultation, call our office today at 312-804-6102.   



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