This is the July 2017 Illinois criminal case law audio round-up (the fast case law summary). Episode 376 (Duration 18:41)

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The July 2017 Top Illinois Criminal Law Cases (The Monthly Round-Up)

Here’s a quick snapshot of the top cases:

1. People v. Holmes

Illinois Supreme Court adopts the federal rule in holding that gun arrests before Aguilar are supported by probable cause.

2. People v. Harper

Business exception to hearsay did not cover these “you did it” text messages.

3. People v. Avelar

Can defendant be convicted of multiple acts of violation of order of protection when the crime involves one order of protection but three protected individuals?

4. People v. Jones

This SORA conviction is reversed because the state failed to prove defendant had a duty to register.

5. People v. In re B.G.

Minor is allowed to apply to end sex registration even though he had a new charge.

6. People v. Frazier

No error here where defense counsel waited to object to an insufficient complaint until after the trial started.