4thNov 2018

I am not a millionaire.  Do I need a Will?  The answer is Yes!  Everyone should have a Will and Estate Plan.


If you have minor children, it is so important to designate in writing who will take care of your children and the property they inherit until they reach an appropriate age.  If you do not have children, you should make plans for who you want to benefit from your hard work.  Illinois has laws that govern who inherits property if there is no Will, but you can make that choice for yourself if you plan ahead.


Probate is the process where the court oversees the collection and distribution of a decedent’s property, as well as payment of their debts.  The probate process can be long and expensive.  That is why we encourage our clients to make an estate plan.  The idea is to avoid probate and allow your loved ones to receive and manage your property with the least hassle and expense.

Protect Your Loved Ones

We advise our clients to create an estate plan to lessen the burden on their loved ones.  After a person has passed, those left behind are dealing with grief and stress.  Planning ahead can reduce that stress as well as the expenses to your family and friends.

Options in addition to the Will

We will meet with you to discuss and evaluate options in addition to your Will.  These include beneficiary planning, life insurance, trusts, and powers of attorney.  Every person’s situation is a little different.  Our objective is to find the best plan for you.

Contact us to discuss your estate plan and Will.  We have the knowledge and experience to advise and will take the time to listen to your specific needs.

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