Every year older adults have the opportunity to change their supplemental Medicare plans or purchase supplemental Medicare coverage beginning at about October 15, through December 7.  It’s important to make sure your supplemental Medicare plan meet your needs, as plan coverage changes.  For example, your current plan may have ended affiliations with your favorite doctors or preferred acute care hospital.  In addition, you may be surprised to learn that your plan does not provide good coverage for rehabilitation stays, after acute care.   This means that you may be pushed out of rehab too early, because the facility is more worried about getting paid than providing good care.  Advantage plans, while less expensive in the short run, typically provide poor coverage for rehabilitation and have very limited choices for care providers.   Take the time every year to make sure you are getting the best Medicare supplemental plan and don’t worry about spending extra money for a better plan.  It will pay off if you ever need it.   For free assistance with Medicare choices, contant SHIP (senior health insurance program) here:  SHIP Illinois

And for more information on Medicare open enrollment, visit the Medicare.gov:  Medicare Open Enrollment Info