We have filed a lawsuit on behalf of employees who: (a) at any time since May 12, 2014 have been employed by MacNeil Automotive Products, Limited (“Weathertech”) on an hourly basis, (b) earned Incentive Pay, and (c) worked in excess of 40 hours during an individual work week in which a person earned Incentive Pay during said period.

The lawsuit is about whether Weathertech properly compensated employees who worked overtime and earned a perfect attendance bonus, lead premium, or a customer service representative commission (“Incentive Pay”).   Some of the workers impacted were in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

A Federal Court has authorized Notice to be sent to Weathertech employees who worked overtime and received Incentive Pay.  No judge has decided the merits of the case.

A copy of the notice you need to fill out and send to us (via email, fax or mail) is available here: Class Notice.

The order authorizing the notice is available here:  Order entered 10-18-2017



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