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About 18 million living Americans have served in the U.S. military, putting their country before their own lives to ensure the freedom of our citizens. On Veterans Day this year, we honor the selflessness, courage and sacrifice of these brave men and women. To many people, their bravery means much more than a commitment to fight for our country.
Veterans Day, once known as Armistice Day, is a federal holiday celebrated annually on November 11. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) organizes several activities — including an observance ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, regional events and a poster contest
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Introduced by the Navy League of the United States on October 27, 1922, Navy Day was established to honor the contributions and service of the men and women of the U.S. Navy.
Unfortunately, many U.S. Navy veterans are at risk of mesothelioma, a rare type of cancer caused only by repeated asbestos exposure.
History of Navy Day in America
Navy Day’s commemoration date was strategically selected in celebration of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was born on October 27, 1858. Prior to his two-term presidency, America’s 26th president had served as an Assistant Secretary of the Navy.
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As news of asbestos-related diseases spread across the United States, the American public started to become increasingly suspicious of manufacturers who had, for so long, denied the dangers of asbestos exposure.
Asbestos companies that had previously learned about the long-term effects of inhaling asbestos fibers began to experience social and legal scrutiny, and asbestos-related claims made against them were overwhelmingly evident.
Mesothelioma in the Millennium
On July 12, 1989, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a final ruling to ban most asbestos-containing products. Based on a 10-year study, the ban was placed on the distribution, import, manufacturing and processing
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On September 26, 2022, communities across the country will join together to celebrate the 18th annual National Mesothelioma Awareness Day, which is dedicated to bringing attention to this rare asbestos-caused cancer and raising funds for medical treatments.
The event coincides with the annual Miles for Meso 5K Run and 3K Fun Run & Walk, organized and hosted by Simmons Hanly Conroy since 2009. The race — which will take place both in-person and virtually this year on September 24 — raises funds for the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO).
Over the years, the law firm has raised hundreds of
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As soon as asbestos became an industrial commodity in the late 19th century, the clock began ticking. Sooner or later, the public would find out just how deadly this carcinogenic substance really was.

The only question was how long it would take, and how many people would have to suffer needlessly, before asbestos companies were no longer able to hide and deny a growing body of medical research proving the health hazards of asbestos.

From the early 1900s through the 1970s, the asbestos industry would find itself in a golden era — hailing asbestos a “miracle mineral” due to its
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On August 1, 2022, international communities will join together to commemorate the 11th annual World Lung Cancer Day — a global grassroots initiative that aims to celebrate, honor and support individuals who have been impacted by the world’s deadliest cancer.
Each year, the world is invited to participate in, commemorate and support World Lung Cancer Day by raising awareness about lung cancer and encouraging overall lung health practices like preventive care screenings. Social media postings related to lung health are also encouraged.
World Lung Cancer Day was introduced in 2012 by the Forum of International Respiratory Societies to bring awareness
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In 2021, at long last, Juneteenth became a federal holiday in the United States when President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law after unanimous Congressional support.
Rightly so, as the day serves to commemorate one of the most important historic milestones in the history of the United States: the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. Today, Juneteenth is a day for honoring the struggles faced by Black men and women across the United States and committing to initiatives that drive forward progress in equity and equality.
That’s why today, Simmons Hanly Conroy is proud to shine
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For thousands of years, asbestos remained in the margins of ancient society, bewildering onlookers with its magical properties while concealing its more harmful ones. But as civilization matured, so did its use of asbestos.
In our previous installments, we learned how ancient and medieval societies used this mysterious, naturally occurring mineral to protect cremated remains, clean fabrics, mystify travelers and, more strangely, besiege castles. But what about the uses for which asbestos is  known today — such as insulation, roofing tiles, brake pads and cement? And why does asbestos seem to target workers?
The appeal of asbestos as a mineral
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In our last post on the history of asbestos, we explored how ancient civilizations made use of this seemingly unassuming fibrous mineral. We saw how evidence of asbestos mining could be traced back thousands of years to before the construction of the Great Pyramids, and how records of its many health hazards could be found as early as the Roman era.
For most of that ancient history, though, asbestos was used for one of two purposes — to isolate ashes in ceremonial cremations (due to its fire-resistant properties) or to wow visitors from foreign lands as a party trick.
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On June 6, 1944, when the Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, it marked a critical turning point in World War II. Overwhelmed by the invasion, Nazi forces retreated back to the Seine River. The Allies accepted their official surrender less than a year later.
The pivotal invasion was dubbed “Operation Overlord,” but many people refer to this consequential battle as “D-Day” or the “Battle of Normandy.” Today, D-Day is remembered and observed in many of the ally nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom and France.
D-Day is observed not only because it kicked-started the liberation
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The last Monday of May means far more than just a day off from work and a long weekend. May 30th is Memorial Day — a time to remember all the fallen American soldiers who lost their lives in service to the United States.
In the United States, Memorial Day dates back to the Civil War, when ordinary American citizens took it upon themselves to place flowers by the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers who had been killed in battle.
While many Americans now associate Memorial Day with parades, hot dogs and backyard barbecues, it’s important that all of
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In August 2021, Exactech® — a Florida-based medical-device manufacturer — recalled certain models of ankle, hip and knee replacement devices due to a range of potentially dangerous health issues relating to the devices failing or breaking down prematurely.
In short, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified several models of Exactech ankle, hip and knee replacements made with polyethylene inserts that were packaged in a way that exposed the inserts to too much oxygen. Due to the abundance of oxygen, the inserts broke down or failed prematurely while inside patients’ bodies.
Problems like these can lead to serious health
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Asbestos is a known health hazard and is highly regulated by both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Damaged or worn-down asbestos-containing products may release fibers that can be inhaled or swallowed. Once asbestos particles get into the lungs or digestive system tissues, they can remain there forever.
Over time, asbestos fibers can cause mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, as well as other deadly diseases.
“Although the use of asbestos and asbestos products has dramatically decreased in recent years, they are still found in many residential and
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It’s hard to believe asbestos was only recognized to be toxic a little over a century ago. This is an organic mineral that was already being mined when the Great Pyramids were built, and yet for thousands of years humanity handled it without the slightest of precautions.

Today, we know asbestos is highly dangerous and the primary cause of mesothelioma, one of the most lethal cancers in existence. That bit of knowledge is a privilege of the modern era. We’re now blessed with the scientific and medical understanding to inform policies that, even a hundred years ago, would have
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Simmons Hanly Conroy would like to thank Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Jon Tester (D-MT), as well as the other cosponsors in the U.S. Senate, for introducing and passing a Congressional resolution on Mar. 29, 2022 declaring April 1-7 “National Asbestos Awareness Week.” Resolution 561 aims to promote public awareness about the prevalence of asbestos-related diseases and the dangers of asbestos exposure.

For eighteen straight years, National Asbestos Awareness Week has provided the mesothelioma community with an invaluable platform to help educate the American public about the deadly health risks linked to asbestos exposure. Many people believe becoming ill
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Every year, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) dedicates the first full week of April to Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW). ADAO’s 18th annual awareness campaign is set to begin on April 1 and will run through April 7.

For nearly two decades, ADAO has dedicated itself to generating much-needed awareness of the dangers of asbestos, preventing exposure to the carcinogen and leading the campaign to ban all use and imports of asbestos in the United States.

Designated a human carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO), asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was widely used throughout much of
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