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Summer is here, and there’s no better way to enjoy the sun than with your favorite artist or band. This summer will be jam-packed with music festivals all over the United States. We’re here to keep you updated on everything you need to know about your favorite foreign artist, and whether they’ll be able to play this summer. Find out which foreign artists will be rocking the stage, information for traveling fans, and the most updated CDC guidelines so you can be fully prepared for your festival experience.

Your favorite artist just might be traveling to the U.S. for a
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This week, we read about a new policy that restores the path to asylum for survivors of violence. We also learned about the Senate Democrats’ plan for immigration reform, and a new House bill that would allow special visas for Afghans who worked for the U.S. government.The Justice Department Overturns Policy That Limited Asylum For Survivors Of ViolenceThis Wednesday, The Department of Justice (DOJ) overturned policies from the Trump administration that impacted asylum seekers. Attorney General Merrick Garland vacated (or set aside) two Trump-era rulings to help restore asylum for survivors of domestic violence and gang violence.”It will
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Since 2012, “What’s going on with DACA?” has been a $1,000,000 question. The Obama administration created DACA to give some relief to young undocumented immigrants. DACA was supposed to be a temporary fix while Congress came up with a more permanent solution, but that hasn’t happened yet.It’s no secret that DACA has had a very complicated legal history. There are still lawsuits that may threaten the future of the DACA program. For right now, DACA gives certain young immigrants a work permit. DACA also gives them temporary protection from deportation. DACA is valid for two years per application.Under the Trump
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This week, we read about the damage of the public charge rule and the impact of deportation on Guatemalan nationals. To stay updated on all things immigration, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook!1. Low-Income US Immigrant Families Avoided Benefits During Pandemic Over Immigration Fears, Study Finds — Wednesday, May 26In 2020, over 25% of low-income immigrant families did not seek help during the pandemic. They were afraid that it would have a negative impact on their status. The number was even higher (43.9%) among families with non-permanent resident adults. These statistics show the legacy of the public charge
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This week, Dreamers met with President Biden in the White House, just as another poll came out showing majority public support for providing a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients. We also saw a reversal of a Trump-era policy that restricted citizenship rights for children born abroad to U.S. couples through assisted reproductive technology (ART).To stay updated on all things immigration, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook!1. Biden meets with ‘Dreamers’ in the White House to push pathway to citizenship – Tuesday, May 15President Biden met last Friday with 6 DACA recipients in the White House.
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Reuniting families has been a major point of conversation in immigration news this May. This week, we’ve seen efforts to expedite the reunification process, the impact that living in sanctuary can have on a family, and funding for undocumented students.To stay updated on all things immigration, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook!1. Migrant children have been in US custody for weeks. Now the Biden administration has to reunite them with families – Thursday, May 13While the number of minors apprehended at the U.S./Mexico border slightly declined in April to just over 17,000, but due to short
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We begin May with a little bit of good news – some separated families are finally being reunited after years apart! Read on to learn more about the reunification, why the idea of “good immigrants” is harmful, and efforts to gain bipartisan support for immigration reform.To stay updated on all things immigration, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook!1. Separated Families To Reunite In The U.S. As Immigrant Advocates Push For More – Monday, May 3This week, four families from Honduras and Mexico that were separated under the Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” will be reunited in
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As April comes to a close, we are excited to see more reversals of Trump-era immigration policies and a surprisingly favorable Supreme Court ruling. Nonetheless, immigration policy changes have a profound impact on countless people, so in our third featured story, NPR highlights the real-life impact of policy on mixed-status households.To stay updated on all things immigration, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook!1. Biden Administration Limits Power of ICE To Arrest Immigrants In Courthouses – Tuesday, April 27The Biden administration has reversed another Trump-era policy that previously allowed ICE to arrest and detain people in and near
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McEntee Law Group is incredibly honored to announce that we will be an official sponsor for Edgewater Castle FC, a community-owned soccer club located in Chicago, our firm’s hometown. As a law firm founded and owned by immigrants, we are thrilled to establish this partnership with Edgewater Castle FC on a foundation of shared values:  community, equity, and inclusion. McEntee Law Group and Edgewater Castle FC strive to bring communities together and make the American dream more accessible to all. Edgewater Castle FC celebrates the rich diversity of communities in North Chicago. Immigrants from all over the world call Chicago home, and
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In this week’s roundup, we are excited to discuss increasing bipartisan support for immigration reform and efforts to rehumanize the immigration conversation. Read on to learn more.To stay updated on all things immigration, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook!1. Immigration Agencies Ordered Not To Use Term ‘Illegal Alien’ Under New Biden Policy – Monday, April 19A new policy outlined by the Biden administration will now require staffers at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to eliminate the words “illegal alien” and “assimilation” from their vocabulary in internal and external
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Happy spring from all of us at McEntee Law Group! This week, we’ve seen efforts by the Biden administration to undue Trump era policies that created an unprecedented immigrant visa backlog, the release of new digitized USCIS forms, and fierce advocacy for immigrant victims of violent crimes by our immigration lawyer colleagues.To stay updated on all things immigration, follow us on InstagramLinkedIn, or Facebook.1. Huge Immigrant Visa Backlog Challenges Biden — Monday, April 12thThe Biden administration continues to face an uphill battle in undoing the damage done by the prior administration’s anti-immigrant policies. These policies left
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As April begins and we welcome the spring season, we also welcome the Biden Administration’s efforts to release children from detention centers at the southern U.S.-Mexico, as well as efforts from the U.S. Department of State to resume some routine visa services. We are hopeful that in the coming months, we will see more action by the U.S. government to strive for an immigration system that is safe, just, equitable, and efficient. Read on to learn more about the recent U.S. Department of State update on backlogs, USCIS’s internal survey to rewrite their mission statement, public support for family reunification,
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This news week was a somber one for the United States. This week, we were reminded that the struggle for safety and peace must also be a struggle for justice and equity. As a team, we are committed to advocacy for marginalized communities. We hope this news summary helps distill the immigration news you need to know this week. Read on to learn more about data on migration patterns, Vice President Harris’s new appointment to lead diplomatic efforts at the southern border, and President Biden’s first press conference. Have questions about recent immigration developments? DM us on Instagram or reach out
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Our goal is to provide our followers with up to date news in a simple yet informative matter, so let’s jump in. Immigration has been making front page news this week as we face an increasing number of migrants at the southern border and the House passes The Dream Act. Continue reading to learn more about the situation at the border, The Dream Act, The Farmworker Modernization Act, and whether undocumented immigrants can receive CARES Act relief.Have questions about recent immigration developments? DM us on Instagram or reach out here.1. Senate Majority Leader Schumer Holds Briefing on Southern Border
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Beginning on March 9th, the H-1B Cap Electronic Registration opened and our team has been hard at work helping our clients apply. On Thursday, Alex George, Associate Immigration Attorney, hosted a Facebook Live event answering H-1B FAQ’s. Did you miss the event? Check it out here. This week has also been full of big updates from the Biden Administration in regards to immigration reform and options for refugees. Please keep reading to learn more about the rescission of the “public charge rule,” as well as more information on the recent Temporary Protected Status (TPS) being offered to Venezuelan nationals.Have questions
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March has begun and the McEntee Law team is preparing for the H1-B visa lottery. It is our busiest time of year, but we are still watching the news closely and are excited to bring you the 3rd edition of our Weekly News Review. This week, we saw statements from the Biden administration on reuniting families as well as the need for undocumented immigrants to be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We learned more about the possible need to break up the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 into multiple pieces of legislation. We are also excited to highlight an
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