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Social media platforms have become an integral part of many people’s daily lives, often without realizing just how integral. People post photos, comments, opinions, and memes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and several other sites on a regular basis. While social media is often a good place for keeping in touch with family and friends, and even networking, it is crucial to be vigilant about what you are posting, especially if you work in certain fields, such as nursing. In fact, items from your social media posts could ultimately be used against you in any actions taken against you by
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In Illinois, there are a number of different professional licensing boards that all fall under the umbrella of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Any individual who holds a professional license in the state of Illinois is under the oversight of whatever board issued that license. When there is a complaint or other issue filed against an individual, that board will be the one to investigate the complaint, determine if there is validity to it, and decide if any disciplinary action should be taken against the person who holds that license.
Anyone who has been notified that
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Not every job turns out the way we hope. It is not uncommon for a medical professional – just like any other profession – to find themselves at odds with their supervisor or manager. Although many of these disagreements may be worked out, there are unfortunately instances where no resolutions are able to be met and the employee either leaves or is fired. In extremely acrimonious situations, the employer may even make accusations of wrongdoing against the employee and threaten or actually file a complaint with the Illinois board that oversees that medical professional’s license. If you find yourself
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Nurses are a special breed of people. They dedicate their lives to taking care of others, often at the expense of time spent with their own loved ones. To become a nurse, they spend several years going to school and training and continue that education during their careers to stay abreast of the most up-to-date medical care for patients and meet the requirements of the Illinois Board of Nursing. Given the amount of dedication and sacrifice a nurse pours into their career, it is imperative to take all the necessary steps to ensure their nursing license is protected. All it
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Last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the country went into lockdown, one of the many changes that were implemented was how doctors and other healthcare providers saw patients. Instead of in-person appointments, patients consulted with their physicians via telehealth video calls. Although much of the country has opened up, many doctors are still using telehealth for appointments. However, along with this newer technology comes new opportunities for healthcare billing fraud. It can also leave healthcare providers unknowingly committing a crime that can result in criminal charges and loss of their medical license.

Telehealth Expansion
Telehealth uses video
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When you own or are part of a medical practice, you may have long-term patients who have been coming to you for their healthcare needs for years. You may also have patients who are only short-term – maybe they move away and that means changing physicians, or your practice is no longer covered under their health insurance plan, or maybe they just decide to change doctors. However, there may be the occasion where you yourself decide you need to end a relationship with one of your patients. While you may think that you have every right to choose who you
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According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) workplace sexual harassment continues to be a major issue in the United States. Although significant strides have been made in the prevention and elimination of sexual harassment in the workplace, there is still far to go. Workplace sexual harassment can be found in just about every industry, and the medical field is no exception. And while accusations of workplace sexual harassment can wreak havoc in any employer’s life, when a physician is accused of inappropriate behavior, it can also mean the loss of their medical license.
Workplace Sexual Harassment Continues to
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It is a given in the medical community that any type of physician should have medical malpractice insurance. In today’s litigious society, with thousands of malpractice lawsuits filed every year, just one malpractice claim against a doctor could destroy them financially, both professionally and personally. However, many other licensed professionals, such as nurses, social workers, and counselors,can also face serious allegations that can impact their career and finances. Yet, many of these professionals do not have any kind of liability insurance to cover the costs of these claims. This is why having professional liability insurance can be a safety
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The winter holiday season is usually made up of get-togethers with family and friends, holiday work parties, and other celebrations. There is often alcohol involved in many of these gatherings and sometimes people can over imbibe. When an intoxicated individual gets behind the wheel, they may face charges for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). The consequences of a DUI conviction in Illinois can have a significant impact on anyone’s life, but if you are a doctor, a DUI conviction can also have an impact on your medical license and professional reputation.

DUI Penalties for Conviction
Anyone who is
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Pharmacists, just like many other professionals, are required to complete necessary education and training related to their field, and then obtain their license through the state of Illinois. The agency that is in charge of licensing and regulation over the state’s approximately 20,000 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians is the Illinois Board of Pharmacy, which is part of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).
Part of the oversight the pharmacy board has is handling all complaints and investigations, as well as taking any appropriate disciplinary actions. If you have received notification from the board that they are investigating
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The real estate market is booming across Illinois and across the country. For sale signs that are put up in front of homes are quickly replaced with under contract and sold signs. Many real estate agents are having great success in sales and the commissions they are earning. However, all it takes is one complaint or one investigation by the Illinois Division of Real Estate (DRE) and that success can quickly disappear.
Without a real estate license, a person cannot sell real estate in the state. The DRE has established standards that all Illinois real estate professionals must adhere
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We have discussed many issues that can threaten a physician’s medical license in our blogs, including allegations of insurance fraud, substance abuse issues, and allegations of medical malpractice. These types of issues usually go through a process that is overseen by the Illinois Medical Board and – depending on the circumstances – often involves filing responses, hearings, and even appeals. However, there is one issue that could result in a suspension of a doctor’s medical license that does not involve that process and occurs quickly once it is requested. That issue is failure to pay court-ordered child support.
Illinois Child
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The Illinois State Board of Dentistry is the agency that oversees licensed dental professionals. If a complaint has been filed against a dental professional with the board of accusations of unnecessary treatment, substandard care, or inappropriate behavior, it is critical to have an experienced Illinois professional license defense attorney defending you against these allegations or you could risk losing your license to practice. In some cases, the patient may have also filed a dental malpractice claim. 
Why Should I Have an Attorney?
Defending against a complaint can be a complicated process, requiring the knowledge and experience of how the process
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In today’s litigious society, doctors often have to worry about medical malpractice claims. The high cost of malpractice insurance to protect a physician and their practice is one of the factors that drives the high cost of healthcare. Although focused on malpractice concerns, worrying about accusations for Medicare or Medicaid fraud is not something that a physician usually concerns themselves with, yet these accusations occur much more often than you may realize.
Medicare Fraud Accusations
The False Claims Act was enacted to protect these programs from the filing of false claims. A physician can be accused of fraud for false
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Hearing the word “audit” can trigger a stressful reaction, no matter what entity is conducting the audit. One of those entities is the Illinois Office of Inspector General. Receiving notification that your medical practice is under an audit or investigation by IG could result in severe consequences without the experienced and skilled representation of an Illinois medical license defense attorney.
Is There a Difference Between a Healthcare Audit and a Healthcare Investigation?
The two terms are often misunderstood to mean the same thing but there are specific differences between the two. A healthcare audit examines the behaviors and actions
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In 2004, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) established the Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) process in order to keep the country’s supply of prescription drugs and medical devices safe from counterfeit products. The NABP process is a rigorous one. In order to receive VAWD-certification, a drug wholesale company must show that they have a legitimate operation, their license is in good standing, they have employees, and utilize best practices when it comes to handling, storing, and shipping prescription drugs and medical devices.
It is in a pharmacy’s best interests – as well as their customers’ – to always
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