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Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C. was founded in 2015 by Attorneys Eva Matela Kogut and Bryan J. Wilson. Attorneys Kogut and Wilson had already been working together as a team for some time at two of Chicagoland’s premier divorce and family law firms. In opening their own firm, they endeavor to prove to clients that it is possible to receive elite, industry-respected counsel while still experiencing a personalized, attentive approach to their case.

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The State of Illinois recently transformed its legal landscape by introducing alternative methods for service of summons including e-mail, text or direct messaging via social media. Summoning is a procedure that orders a party to appear in court and answer a claim made against them. Previously, individuals could only be summoned by personal service or in specific instances, court-approved methods such as certified mail.
Traditional methods of summons are still required by the court to be tried first, with electronic services only being utilized when the other methods are deemed impractical.
In order to be summoned electronically, a court motion
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Kogut & Wilson’s Eva M. Kogut recently shared insights with other family law professionals on mediation best practices.   
Eva’s discussion focused on preparing clients for the mediation process including:  

  • Discussing what is and what is not mediation, goals and if the process should be attorney assisted 
  • Making a list of gross and net assets and liabilities 
  • Gathering financial information 
  • Discussing different types of parenting schedules, child support, health insurance, maintenance and division of property 
  • Explaining Memorandums 
  • Assisting client in outlining their priorities  
  • Focusing on the future  

Other panel participants discussed attorney preparation, business tips for mediators, zoom tips and tricks
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Adopting a child can be a complex process, but when the adoptive parents and the child reside in different states, a layer of complexity is added. These adoptions are known as interstate adoptions and are controlled by the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) federal statute.
Understanding the ICPC
The ICPC was established to ensure the protection and well-being of children who are placed in foster homes, adoptive homes and other childcare facilities across state lines. This law has been enacted by all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the United States Virgin Islands with a primary objective
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During a divorce or parentage proceeding in Illinois, a child support order is often established to ensure the well-being of the child. As financial situations may evolve over the years, many individuals find themselves seeking modifications to Court Ordered child support  to ensure that the child’s needs continue to be adequately met. Kogut & Wilson explores the various circumstances under which modifications may be considered.
Substantial Change in Circumstances                                 
In many proceedings, child support orders may be modified if a requesting parent can demonstrate a significant change in circumstances since the previous support order. The court will evaluate various factors
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Maintenance, formally known as alimony or spousal support, is a common element of a divorce settlement.  While maintenance could take several forms, the most common form is a monthly financial award paid by a higher income spouse to a lower income spouse. The maintenance award is based on the circumstances of both spouses at the time of the divorce, most importantly, the income of both parties.  However, it is common for the circumstances of one or both people to change after an order or judgment has been reached. As such, maintenance modification can be allowed by a judge if a
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International adoptions, while increasingly less common than their domestic counterpart, do still occur worldwide.  Individuals hoping to adopt a child from a foreign country have a distinct set of requirements they must meet before and after the process is complete to ensure the child has access to the benefits of US citizenship and to prevent issues from evolving as they grow up.

Illinois Requirements for International Adoption of Children Still Residing in Birth Country

Prospective adoptive parents must follow all requirements for adoption within the country where the child resides. While requirements differ between countries, as part of the international
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Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) is an immigration classification that can provide a path to lawful permanent residence or even citizenship in the United States. While life-changing, there are many uncertainties and misconceptions surrounding the process, making the method seem out of reach for those in need.

Popularity of SIJS in the US

The SIJS application process has been increasing in popularity over the last few years as changes to various statutes have expanded availability. These expansions include:

  • Codification of SIJS specific language within the
    • Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act
    • Probate Act
    • Adoption Act
  • Expansion of jurisdiction for

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Kogut & Wilson partner Bryan J. Wilson has been appointed to serve another term as a member on the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) Standing Committee on Legislation for 2023-2024.
The Legislation Committee serves members by monitoring legislation introduced in the Illinois General Assembly. Legislation affecting the profession and the administration of justice is referred to interested sections and committees for their comments. Based on this review, the ISBA may support, oppose or suggest amendatory language to legislation. The ISBA also proposes legislation for introduction that has been suggested by its sections or committees and monitors federal legislation.
Founded in
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After a major life event, such as marriage, divorce or adoption, a name change can signify the start of a new life or closing of the previous chapter. Though many name changes occur after a major event, obtaining a legal name change does not require a qualifying event.  While it is possible for a person to complete this process on their own, as the process varies depending on the circumstances, having a lawyer by one’s side can relieve the stresses and unknowns of the process. Kogut & Wilson outline the eligibility requirements and process of an official name change.

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While purchasing a home is likely an exciting chapter for married couples, in divorce proceedings, owning a home can bring a wave of questions and concerns.

In a divorce, a very important shared asset to divide is the marital home. One of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to avoid a contentious battle is to assume the mortgage on the marital home rather than buying out the home from a former spouse.

What is a Buyout? 

A “Buyout” is when the buying spouse pays the other for their share in the value of the home or mortgage. It is important
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When the time comes to decide where their children will attend school, many parents may question the quality of public education and turn to private schools. It is no secret that private schools can be costly, so it is important for divorced parents to know who can decide if their children will attend a private school, and in the event a decision is made, who will be financially responsible.
Which Parent Decides if Children Can Enroll?
If a divorce has been finalized, the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities outlines who has the authority to make decisions on education or if this
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Second parent adoption allows a non-biological parent to gain the same rights as a biological parent. Following the United States Supreme Court decision in Dobbs in  June 2022, discussions surrounding second parent adoption have increased, as many same sex couples are concerned additional landmark Supreme Court cases affecting their parental rights may be overturned.
What is Second Parent Adoption?
In a second parent adoption, a second adult establishes themselves as a legal parent of a child.  In the case of a LGBTQ+ couple, this often takes the form of a spouse adopting:

  • The child born biologically to their partner during

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Unique circumstances and needs make each adoption different. In some cases, adult adoption might be the most viable option to bring a family together. This process has slightly different requirements and results than other adoption cases. The state of Illinois allows adult adoption for a variety of reasons, including extra care provisions, the formal establishment of existing relationships and more.
What is Adult Adoption?
Adult adoption establishes a new legal relationship between the adult in question and the adoptive parent or parents. This process also officially terminates the legal parental relationship between the adult and their previous legal parent or
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Effective December 1, 2022, the Circuit Court of Cook County has once again appointed Cailee J. Alderman as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for adoption cases for a two-year term, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to the family law field.
Cailee continues to utilize her extensive background in adoption matters to represent the best interests of children throughout their cases. Her responsibilities as a GAL include:

  • Investigating aspects of the case
  • Interviewing children and additional parties
  • Providing recommendations to produce the best possible outcome for the children involved

To become a GAL, the Circuit Court of Cook County requires individuals to
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There are many circumstances in which a guardianship may be necessary. This may occur when the biological parents are not able to care for their child or are absent for a long period of time. Opting to become a guardian for a child is a major life decision that deserves careful consideration, but help may be available. It is important to understand the process and legalities surrounding this choice.
Adoption vs. Guardianship
There are a few key differences between adoption and guardianship. When adopting a child, the biological parents’ parental rights are permanently terminated. In a guardianship, however, the child’s
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Kogut & Wilson proudly announces Sara Riddick has joined the firm as an associate, focusing her practice in family and matrimonial law and expanding our team of compassionate, experienced attorneys.
Sara provides clients with honest, empathetic and thoughtful advice to best fit their needs. She first served Kogut & Wilson as a law clerk, gaining a substantial understanding of the field by working closely with the firm’s attorneys and clients. Through this experience, Sara familiarized herself with the firm, learning how to develop individualized plans that benefit each individual and family.
Prior to her law clerk experience with the firm,
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