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Some people who were behind the wheel in a fatal vehicular accident can face homicide charges. Under Illinois law, these cases typically involve charges of involuntary manslaughter or reckless homicide. While these are serious charges, they fall short of a first-degree murder charge.
That’s why it was somewhat surprising to read that an Illinois man was recently charged with first-degree murder after a fatal drag-racing accident.
According to news reports, the man was involved in a crash with another vehicle in Marion County on May 4 when he reportedly ran a red light. His car crashed into another vehicle that
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If a person is convicted of driving under the influence in Illinois, the penalties can be significant. They can vary based on several factors, including the driver’s blood alcohol concentration, how many previous DUI convictions the person has and whether anyone else was injured or killed in an accident while the driver was under the influence.
In addition to these penalties, a DUI conviction can affect the driver’s employment opportunities, affect their ability to obtain insurance and affect their personal relationships.
Potential penalties
In Illinois, if a person is convicted of DUI they can face license suspension, several thousand dollars
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In Illinois, when people are arrested, the evidence is obviously a critical part of whether they will be convicted or acquitted. As they craft a defense, they might think about their situation and if there is a rational explanation for what they have been accused of doing. There are other strategies that can be effective as part of a legal defense. Calling into question the justification for the law enforcement investigation is one way to combat a criminal case.
The line of legality regarding marijuana has been somewhat confusing as more and more states are legalizing it. For those under
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Generally, motorists in Illinois want to drive responsibly, but the unfortunate fact is that when a person chooses to drive drunk, they put other motorists and passengers at risk of death and injury even if they do not mean to do so.
Currently, there are enhanced penalties when a drunk driver causes a fatal accident. A bill introduced this legislative session, referred to as “Lindsey’s Law,” would make these penalties even harsher.
Current law
Under current Illinois law, if a person drives under the influence of alcohol and causes a crash that results in the death of one person, they
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Not all drug crimes are committed with nefarious intent or as mere money-grabs. Oftentimes addiction drives a person to commit a drug crime.
If so, is it better to simply lock away the user and throw away the key? Or should a person who is addicted to drugs and subsequently commits a drug crime be given the chance of rehabilitation?
Drug courts in Illinois
Illinois recognizes that many people who commit drug crimes need help more than they need to be punished. For this reason, there are drug court programs that some people might qualify for, as an alternative to
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For many Illinois residents, a traffic ticket is little more than an inconvenience. They get the ticket, pay the fine and forget about it.
For others, a traffic ticket can be a much more serious matter. For a driver who has a lot of points on their record, a new traffic ticket could mean having their driver’s license suspended.
What is the points system?
The Illinois points system is quite complex. In this blog post, we will give a general overview.
After certain traffic offenses, a driver will have their license immediately suspended or even revoked. Many others have no
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When you think of someone committing a crime, you probably naturally assume it is a violent crime.
While that may not always be true, there are reasons our minds automatically think of crimes as violent. They are the types of crimes society condemns the most and the crimes that usually make the news.
However, what exactly classifies a crime in Illinois as a violent crime? There is no specific legal definition, but a violent crime is generally one that involves physical harm to someone or a threat to physically harm them.
Examples of violent crimes
One of the most common
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