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FEMA announced that it will provide funeral assistance for families of those who have passed away due to COVID-19. FEMA’s COVID-19 funeral relief program may provide financial assistance for funeral expenses that may not be covered by insurance or other sources for individuals who dies of COVID-19. Relief of up to $9,000 for funeral and burial expenses for a deceased individual is available. If a family requires assistance for multiple funerals, the maximum award is $35,000.
To receive funeral assistance, the deceased must have a death certificate dated after January 20, 2020, and the death must be caused by COVID-19.
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Not every business can afford to have an attorney on staff. However, every business will need to address legal issues at some point. Seeking the services of a lawyer whenever the need arises can be very inefficient, and this will likely result in additional expenses. Fortunately, there is another option. By working with a law firm that provides general counsel services, a business can get legal help when necessary from an attorney who is familiar with its operations, needs, and goals.
Benefits of a General Counsel Lawyer
Small and mid-size businesses can find cost-effective ways to address their legal needs
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With the beginning of the new year, the state of Illinois passed several new laws that will impact the lives of the state’s residents. Here are a few new laws of interest in 2022: 
Minimum Wage Increase (Public Act 101-0001)
Illinois is one of the states set to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 which means that in 2022, the state minimum wage will increase to $12 an hour. The increase in minimum wage applies to all standard workers and any workers under the age of 18 who work more than 650 hours per calendar year.
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Getting a divorce can sometimes involve financial struggles. During the divorce process, you will not only need to cover divorce costs, but you may need to find new living arrangements and determine how you will cover rent or mortgage payments, utilities, food, transportation, and other costs. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you may be worried about how you will be able to pay all of these expenses, whether you will need to find employment, and whether you will be able to continue staying home to care for your children. In this situation, it is important to understand whether
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Going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful time. More and more couples are searching for a non-adversarial way to get a divorce. One effective way to do this is through the process of collaborative divorce.  
What is Collaborative Divorce? 
A Collaborative Divorce is a process in which the parties involved and their attorneys are not required to appear in court. During a Collaborative Divorce, both spouses work with a collaborative team. Collaborative Divorce teams require an attorney for each spouse and generally include a divorce coach, who is a collaboratively trained mental health professional. Teams can also include
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Anyone can be injured at work. While accidents and injuries may be more likely in some professions, they can also occur at an office or another location that is relatively safe, or a person may experience health issues related to the work they perform. Fortunately, anyone who suffers work-related injuries will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, there are some cases where employers or their insurance companies may deny these benefits. In these situations, workers will need to determine their options for appealing a denial and receiving the benefits they need and deserve.

Filing a Claim With the Illinois
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A divorce can dramatically change the lives of both parties involved. After your divorce, it is important to ensure your financial assets are protected in response to your change in living circumstances. Here are four helpful tips on how to reevaluate your estate planning strategy after a divorce.

1. Update power of attorney and living will.
If a situation arises when you are unable to make medical decisions, your power of attorney names the person who will make those decisions for you. Most spouses appoint each other as agents. After a divorce, it is time to execute a new power
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Contractual agreements are essential for many businesses, and a company may enter into multiple types of contracts with vendors, suppliers, partners, clients, or other parties. While contracts can provide important protections, ensuring that both parties meet their obligations, they can also cause significant problems if they contain mistakes or omissions. By working with an attorney to draft, negotiate, and review contracts, a business can ensure its rights and interests are protected in these types of agreements.
Avoiding Contract Mistakes
While a business may become involved in multiple types of agreements, a verbal agreement or a basic written agreement will
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Starting or expanding a business can be a great opportunity. However, business owners and entrepreneurs will need to consider a variety of legal and financial issues when doing so. Liability is one area of concern for many business owners, but fortunately, if a business is structured correctly, an owner or partner can ensure that they will not be held personally liable for business debts. During the business formation process, which may take place when a business is initially founded or when an existing business is restructured, an owner will want to select a business entity that will provide them with
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A person’s last will and testament describes their final wishes and instructions regarding asset distribution to their heirs. In some cases, family members, other beneficiaries, or others who were close to a person may be unhappy about the decisions made in the person’s will, or they may believe that a will is fraudulent. During the probate process that takes place following a person’s death, a person’s heirs or potential beneficiaries may take legal action to challenge the person’s will. However, a will can only be contested in certain cases, and those who are involved in these types of cases will
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Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, and when they are involved in collisions, victims are likely to suffer serious injuries. While there are many reasons that truck accidents occur, driver fatigue is a common factor in these cases. Drivers and passengers who are injured in collisions with semi-trailer trucks can work with an attorney to determine whether the truck driver and the trucking company that employed them can be held liable for the damages they have suffered.
Dangers of Truck Driver Fatigue
Drowsy driving is an all-too-common issue for people in the United States, and it
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During the divorce process, not everyone is honest, and spouses sometimes attempt to gain a financial advantage by hiding money or property from their former partners. Sometimes this is out of malice because one party blames the other for the divorce and believes they deserve a smaller share of marital property. Other times, a divorcing spouse hides assets because they are worried that they will have to give up important items or simply because they are dishonest and selfish. However, spouses are required to divide all of their marital property fairly and equitably, and if a person believes that their
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Homeownership is an important goal for many people, and if you are considering buying a home, you will be looking to make one of the most significant and important investments of your lifetime. However, there are many complex financial factors involved in a home purchase, as well as a variety of legal issues that may arise during a transaction. If you are a first-time homebuyer, you will want to consider the following tips:

  • Build and maintain a good credit score – Your credit score will affect your ability to obtain a mortgage as well as the interest rate on

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As part of the estate planning process, a family may be looking to make sure they can help their loved ones provide for their needs. This is especially true for family members who have disabilities or other special needs, since they will often need assistance to make sure they will be able to cover their ongoing expenses. However, people with disabilities may also rely on government aid or public benefits, and in many cases, they will only qualify for these types of benefits if they have limited assets or income. This means that a gift of money or assets from
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When you visit someone else’s property, including a commercial establishment such as a bar or nightclub, the property owner has a legal duty to protect your safety. If you are injured in one of these locations, you may be able to hold the property owner liable through a premises liability lawsuit. Inadequate or negligent security is one common reason that injuries may occur at a bar or nightclub. By showing that the owner of an establishment did not take the proper measures to ensure that patrons were safe from harm, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries
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If you own a business, it is probably one of your most valuable assets. After putting years of time and effort into building your business, you will want to make sure you can continue to own and operate it, no matter what happens. Unfortunately, a business can sometimes be a tricky issue to address when couples get divorced. If your marriage has broken down, or if you want to address what will happen if you choose to get a divorce in the future, you will need to be sure to understand how the ownership of your business will be handled.
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