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The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts determined that nearly a fourth of all marriages end in divorce due to financial issues — that represents the third most common cause of divorce. With an economic recession upon us and no certain end in sight, the money problems that many married couples usually face are bound to be further exacerbated. Luckily, there are various ways that one can keep their financial concerns from becoming an issue in their marriage.
Open Communication from the Start
Whether it be done before the marriage, by creating a prenuptial agreement, or early in the marriage,
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While the major story with regards to divorce statistics in recent years is the fact that in most age segments, especially the Millennial Generation, divorce rates are on the decline (which should not be that much of a surprise given that marriage rates are also on the decline for this age group). But possibly an even more interesting and multifaceted development is the huge spike in gray divorces, or divorces for those over the age of 50, many of which can be very complex divorces due to the large variety and amounts of assets, properties, and debts amassed through
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After your divorce, if certain circumstances change with regards to your co-parent, you might want to consider the modification of child custody orders. However, doing something like petitioning for sole custody of your children or significantly altering parenting timechild visitation rights, allocation of parental responsibilities, or parenting plans can often be a contentious and complex legal issue. You need to be sure you have a strong case to request such modifications. Below are some signs it might be time for you to request modifications of child custody orders or other orders pertinent to parenting.
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With the average divorce rates in the nation for first-time marriages hovering near 40 percent and many states’ overall divorce rates approaching 20 percent, it is difficult to believe that some states like Illinois have consistently reported single-digit divorce rates. For 2018 alone, the U.S. Census reported that Illinois had a divorce rate of less than 7 percent. So why does Illinois have one of the top five lowest divorce rates in the nation? The answer might surprise you.
6 Reasons Illinois Has Low Divorce Rates
As with most complicated cases of this kind, there is not one single definitive
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If you have kids from a prior marriage, then you know that the divorce proceedings are hardly the last time you will hear from your former spouse. There are all sorts of things that you two must continue to work through, especially if your children are under the age of 18, including child supportparenting timeparental responsibilitiesspousal support, and much more. But how will this change if you decide to remarry? Will your new spouse be responsible for any of the parental responsibilities or child support? How will spousal support change? While at one
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Moving forward with a divorce is not always the most obvious or easiest decision to make. For instance, after careful deliberation, you might find that the most convincing reason to stay together is “for the sake of the kids.” Statistics have shown that in many cases, remaining married can do more harm than good, especially if you are in a loveless or volatile marriage. However, you and your spouse may not feel strongly enough about your marital problems to go through with a divorce right now. If that is the case, you might want to consider the timing of your
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Courtrooms across the nation, including in parts of Illinois, have begun improvising over the last few months as a result of Stay-at-Home orders. For instance, Bankruptcy Courts in the Northern District of Illinois are conducting most hearings through Zoom video conferences or telephone calls. Divorce is no different—more and more courtrooms are conducting “virtual divorce proceedings.” But what are the benefits and drawbacks of this new trend, and will it have staying power in divorce and family law? Maybe, maybe not; but it is worth considering as an option depending on a couple’s situation.
Pros of Virtual Divorces
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If you and your spouse are on the verge of divorce or have already filed for divorce, you may notice that your spouse is engaging in particularly unusual spending patterns. Be it gambling all the time, neglecting to pay certain bills, or spending exorbitant amounts of money on major purchases without your consent, your spouse might be dissipating marital assets. That is the legal term for when your spouse acts irresponsibly with your joint finances leading up to and during a divorce. Evidence of this dissipation of marital assets can be brought before the court to ensure that you
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If you are considering divorce, you may be concerned about your ability to afford attorney’s fees, court costs, or other expenses. This can be a major concern during difficult times, especially when the economy is struggling and many people are unemployed. By understanding how to address the cost of divorce, you can take the legal action necessary to obtain the results you and your family need.
The Facts About Divorce Expenses in Illinois
It is true: divorce can be expensive. This is particularly true if you do not have much money to begin with. In fact, recent statistics
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These difficult times might have revealed many issues and vulnerabilities within marriages, leaving some couples wondering whether divorce might be a good option for them. However, there are other couples who might be dealing with even more problematic situations involving accusations of domestic violence. Since Governor Pritzker issued the original Stay-at-Home Order in Illinois, reports of domestic violence across the state have spiked. Here is an analysis of some of the most common ways that these challenging times have led to such increases in domestic abuse reports:
5 Reasons Domestic Violence Cases May Increase
In some parts of the country,
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Over the last few months, it may have become increasingly difficult for you and your co-parent to properly follow your court-approved parenting plan. You both want to fulfill your parental responsibilities and ensure that you can spend a fair amount of parenting time with your kids, but you also do not want to put anyone’s health or safety at risk. Conflicts in these areas may be even worse if you and your co-parent have different philosophies regarding the Illinois Stay-at-Home Order. Governor Pritzker deemed from the beginning of the order that it is essential for parents to honor their
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There are a wide variety of issues that will need to be settled in a divorce case, and resolving disputes through litigation in court can be costly and time-consuming, while resulting in less than optimal decisions for your family. To address these matters more effectively and avoid contentious disputes, you might want to consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which could include collaborative lawmediation, or arbitration.
Why Use Alternative Dispute Resolution?
Some of the best reasons to use alternative dispute resolution instead of traditional litigation include:

  • Efficiency—ADR can provide significant savings of both time and money during the

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    As divorce continues to be a likely outcome for many marriages, families across the state and nation alike face the possibility of a nontraditional homelife situation. In recent years, some people have argued that the nuclear family may be the source of many societal ills, from economic inequality to racial injustice. Because of this, people have started to wonder whether the traditional nuclear family of a mom, a dad, and one or more children is truly quintessential to a child’s positive upbringing. The truth is, there are alternatives to the nuclear family, some of which might be even more beneficial
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    While it might be easy to assume that fathers usually end up being the ones paying child support after divorce, the truth these days is much more complicated than that. Although prior views of fathers being the primary breadwinners and mothers being the primary caregivers in the family dynamic were true for many years, this has become less and less common in this day and age. A look at the latest information proves that the times are certainly changing—as are the trends in child support and spousal support.
    Latest Developments in Child and Spousal Support Defy Stereotypes
    In 1979,
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    If you and your spouse are having relationship problems, but you are not ready to deal with the challenges and finality that come with a divorce, you might want to consider getting a legal separation. A legal separation can enable you to do many of the same things you can do through divorce, such as determining parental responsibilities, parenting time, temporary spousal support, and child support. However, you will remain legally married to your spouse, and this can provide a number of advantages.
    6 Reasons to Get Separated Instead of Divorced
    While divorce might
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    Throughout the divorce process, if you have children, you and your co-parent will need to devise a parenting plan that clearly defines the allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting time schedules, and other child-related issues. In the state of Illinois, the standard used to determine many of these concerns is referred to as “the best interests of the child.” When decisions are made regarding custody of children of divorcing or separating parents, their best interests have the greatest bearing on the end result. While Illinois has a strict set of guidelines elaborating on those “best interests,” these issues may
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