IL injury lawyerAt times, pregnancy can feel like an incredible miracle. At other times, it might seem more like an endless risk. On the one hand, your body is creating life, and you get to witness the various stages of development. On the other hand, there are so many birth injuries, risks, and conditions that can be associated with a pregnancy that it can be overwhelming. While about 700 women die in the United States every year due to pregnancy and childbirth complications, it is estimated that about half of these could be prevented with proper medical treatment. One dangerous condition that can appear late in preeclampsia and requires swift medical attention is called preeclampsia.

When detected, diagnosed, monitored, and treated, a woman with preeclampsia can recover. If the condition is ignored, the implications can be severe, with significant birth injuries. If your doctor failed to diagnose preeclampsia and you or your baby are suffering the consequences, a Cook County, IL birth injury attorney can advise you on your options for a medical malpractice lawsuit.