IL accident lawyerWhen you are driving safely and abiding by traffic laws, but someone crashes into the back of your car, it can be extremely jarring and also dangerous. Rear-end accidents are very common and happen for a variety of reasons. The degree of damage resulting from a rear-end accident can fall anywhere on a large spectrum. Sometimes a driver is distracted by their phone while stopped at a red light and does not notice that they are slowly moving forward until they bump into the car in front of them. Other times, someone can be driving at full speed when they stop looking ahead and then plow into the back of a car. If someone has read-ended you, speak with a knowledgeable Bensenville, IL personal injury attorney to gain a better understanding of your legal options.

Common Reasons for Rear-End Accidents

Of course, there are endless reasons why car accidents happen in general, and the same is true for rear-end accidents. However, some scenarios are more commonly associated with this type of crash. These include: