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Everyone deserves a warm, dry, and safe home. But for several years, residents at an apartment complex in Harvey dealt with no heat, collapsed stairs, criminal activity, and several other unsafe living conditions. All while being expected to pay their rent in full. 

After several ignored orders from the City of Harvey to renovate, the owners of the apartment complex on 144th and Halsted were told that the buildings were uninhabitable and must be evacuated by October 28, 2023. However, when it came to notifying the tenants of the imminent eviction, the landlord and the city were less than thorough.

When January 5th, 2024 came along, several tenants woke up to construction noise and upon attempting to exit their home, they found bolted planks of wood trapping them in, many having to escape through their windows. The workers in unmarked clothing ignored warnings that people were still inside the apartments they were boarding. 

Nothing justifies this gross lack of empathy and respect for these Harvey residents. The complete disregard for their safety by both the city and the slumlord owners is completely unacceptable, and Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers will not let them go unanswered. 

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Types of Unsafe Living Conditions

Your home should be warm, dry, and secure. However, several unsafe living conditions can interfere with these basic needs. Unsafe living conditions can include:

How Much Does it Cost To Speak to A Lawyer? 

Understanding your rights as a tenant in Illinois is invaluable but it cannot be stressed enough that housing laws can be tricky to navigate. There are several loopholes and opportunities for landlords to take advantage of their tenants. That’s why having an experienced attorney in your corner who understands housing laws and is passionate about protecting the rights of all Illinois residents can make all the difference. You should not have to go it alone.  

At Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers, we never back down from any case we take on. And we’re not backing down from protecting the rights of these Harvey tenants who deserved much better from both their landlord and the city.  If you are reaching the last straw with your landlord, you can speak with one of our attorneys to discuss your case at zero cost to you. And if we move forward with your case, it’s free unless we win — and winning for our clients is what we do. 

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