Today’s update discusses Governor Pritzker’s request to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, and the commission’s response related to claims of those directly in contact with COVID-19. Additionally, this update discusses the governor’s hesitation in making a final decision on the state’s stay-at-home order.


  • Governor Pritzker has announced his request to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to pass an emergency rule to protect essential workers. This rule presumes that essential workers like police officers, firefighters, health care workers, and grocery store clerks who contract COVID-19 were exposed on the job.  The presumption is rebuttable.  Pritzker stated the goal was to first protect those who interact with infected persons on a daily basis, and then consider expanding the emergency rules to other areas. To read the emergency amendment, visit


HeplerBroom attorney Emilee M. Bramstedt contributed to this blog post.