The Secretary of State’s office receives many types of civil documents/orders from courts and attorneys regarding judgments arising from uninsured motor vehicle crashes. These documents need to be read, interpreted, and processed by employees of the Secretary of State (SOS) to determine what, if any, action should be taken against a person’s driver’s license.

Because the SOS employees processing these documents are not attorneys and because these documents vary by county and by attorney, reading and understanding the content of the submitted documentation can be difficult. Understanding the documents is of utmost importance since action taken based on those documents can affect a person’s legal ability to drive.

In an attempt to simplify this process, the Secretary of State’s Office has created a new form, entitled “Report on Civil Judgment Involving a Motor Vehicle Accident” (Form number DSD A 309). This form eliminates the need for courts or attorneys to submit installment orders, orders of default on installment agreements, satisfactions of release and orders vacating a judgment to the SOS. If any of those actions occur, the attorney should complete form number DSD A 309, file the document with the court, and submit a file-stamped copy to the SOS. DSD A 309 does not have to be certified, but it must be filed stamped by the court. Should SOS have any concerns regarding a particular DSD A 309 filed by an attorney, we will ask the attorney for the underlying order.

For e-filing purposes, DSD A 309 should not be filed as a Record of Unsatisfied Judgment (SR17). Form SR17 should only be filed when first notifying the SOS of a judgment that has not been paid in excess of 30 days. DSD A 309 may be filed as a report of proceeding in a civil case or other miscellaneous filing available in your e-filing system.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Safety & Financial Responsibility Division of the Illinois Secretary of State, Department of Driver Services at 217-782-3720 if you need additional information or have questions or concerns.