Chicago is known to have one of the best freezing cold winter in the entire nation. The ice and snow are part of our natural ornaments around the city. Thanks to slippery surfaces, walking becomes more of a gymkhana with an increased risk of falling and getting injured.

Injuries from a slip and fall can be serious and carry costly medical expenses. An experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation if another party is found liable for your injuries.

Property owners

In the State of Illinois, property owners have no duty to remove natural accumulations of ice and snow. That means, in most cases, property owners can’t be held liable for slip and fall accidents for ice and snow that accumulated naturally.

This rule changes when the owner undertake that duty.  Once a property owner undertakes the duty to remove ice and snow, they must do so in a reasonably safe manner. Meaning that, if you slip and fall on an icy sidewalk that the property owner attempted to clear but still an injury happened you may be able to initiate a personal injury claim.

Parking lots

It may seem a simple short walk from the car to the store or vice versa but the truth is that a numerous slip and fall accidents occur in parking lots during the winter season. A property owner that fails into maintaining a clear parking lot from ice and snow may be liable for the unsafe conditions and the injuries caused.

There is a duty of reasonable care; upon leasing a property, the company may need to provide some additions to ensure that the parking lot is safe. These could be extended to hiring security personnel or just adding better lighting or placing signs that warn about dangers and risks.

If you have slip and fall in any kind of property you may want to get legal advice to seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We have won several cases regarding slip and fall injuries. Call us for a free consultation (312) 377-7000.