We are cautiously optimistic that the election of Donald Trump will eventually protect and advance religious liberty.

What we know:

  1. The Supreme Court is precariously balanced between judges who give little regard to religious liberty when weighed against other competing interests and judges who will give religion liberty a fair hearing.
  2. The Clinton/Obama axis was clearly anti-religious freedom in the legal arena. The Chairman of the U.S. Obama Appointed Civil Rights Commissioner recently wrote that when religious liberty conflicted with other rights religious liberty would usually fail.
  3. Trump has submitted a list of well qualified conservative judges as potential Supreme Court nominees but the effect of a new justice may not be felt immediately.
  4. 81% of Evangelicals supported Trump.
  5. There has not been an Evangelical in the Supreme Court for many years.
  6. We trust in God not Trump and not the Supreme Court.

What we think:

  1. It will take a lot of appointments of conservative and God-fearing folks before there is substantial movement reversing the current anti-religious liberty zeitgeist.
  2. Now is a great time to go on the offense reminding the nation and the world that all authority is vested in God—not the Constitution, president, or man-made law.
  3. We have a unique moment in time to push ourselves and leaders for pro-life measures to protect our littlest ones.
    • Complete defunding of Planned Parenthood
    • Mandatory parental notification laws for minors thinking about abortion.
    • Education including pictures of thriving children in the womb and aborted children, to teach our people that life begins at conception, not birth.