To be able to best serve you and keep your legal fees down, we make the effort to use the least expensive experienced staff member to assist on your matter. When you call in to check status, have billing questions or want to provide information, you should know who to ask for so you are not charged for partner attorney time if it is not necessary. It is in your best interest to reach out to a less expensive staff member to get assistance. Who would you call for upcoming dates or questions on your latest statement?

Here is a quick guide to our staff:

Paralegals – Assists the attorneys with docketing, filings, research and follow up matters

  • Rene Aguilan – Transactional matters
  • Mikaela Hills – Litigation matters
  • Susan Thomas – Registered Agent and Transactional matters

Associate Attorney – Assists the attorneys with court appearances, research and filings

  • Sorin Leahu

Administrative Assistants – Answer the phone; receive fax transmissions, Legal Service Agreements, prayer lists

  • Tracy Robinson
  • Judy Brisky

Communications – Newsletter and radio show

  • Stephanie Grossoehme

Office Manager – Client Trust Fund accounts and billing

  • Gail Jernberg

Please call us at 312-726-1243 any time you have a question. We are here to serve you.