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Buying a home for the first time can be an exhilarating experience. Most people have saved for many years before they can make their dream of home ownership come true, and buying a home has more symbolic meaning than just purchasing a house. It may mean that a family is in the near future, that a couple has decided to put down roots in a community, or that an individual is at a point in their lives where investing in real estate has become a possibility. Whatever your reasons for buying a home are, having a real estate attorney helping
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Despite the importance and usefulness of a will, fewer than one-third of Americans have one. Yet having a will is a very important part of protecting your beneficiaries (the people who will inherit your belongings), and is even more important for parents of young children. Even if you think you have very little wealth to pass on, a will contains information that will protect your children and your wishes for them if something happens to you. Learn more about why wills are so important for young parents, and then contact an Illinois estate planning attorney for help writing yours. 
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