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Updated October 2022
Halloween Safety Tips 2022
Quick Points for Lazy Readers:

  • Avoid Full-Face Masks
  • Understand that Long Costumes are More Dangerous
  • Nocturnal Animals Do Not Know it is Halloween
  • Be sure to Watch Your Footing 
  • Avoid Shortcuts Through the Woods–That Hardly ever turns out well for anybody.

Halloween is a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, but there are many things you should keep in mind this year to keep you and your kids safe. In addition to avoiding tripping hazards, you should
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Reading Time: 3.5 min. (You know you have a few minutes to read.)
With the warmer weather comes the increased number of people on the road and more pedestrians. Springtime also brings more traffic and serious injuries. Springtime car accidents can occur for a number of reasons. Below are some of the most common causes of springtime car accidents. If you are involved in an accident this springtime, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away.  As you accident and injury attorneys should be both experienced and local.
From our analysis of decades worth of car crash data in the
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The time of day, speed, and alcohol and drug use factor significantly in to Thanksgiving and Holiday Car Accidents

About this time every year Americans are inundated with news stories and articles about holiday travel and the dangers associated with a sharp increase in travelers during November and December. However, there is usually very little data to substantiate the recommendations because it is all based on common sense.
Fortunately, the United States Department of Transportation and in particular the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration compiles a great deal of data about holiday travel and safety concerns. Our editorial team at
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had dramatic effects American motorists. Beginning early on in April and May 2020, the sharp decrease in drivers across the country, as well as in Illinois, drove the normally stingy car insurance industry to return some of its premium payments back to customers or to give discounts for future premium payments. This occurred because fewer drivers on the road resulted in fewer automobile accidents. Rather than taking advantage of the clear road conditions for safe travel, some Illinois drivers, as well as drivers throughout the United States, have used lesser occupied highways to livestream or
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