Has Your Driver’s License Been Suspended?
What steps can you take if your Illinois driver’s license has been suspended? What are the consequences of a driver’s license suspension in this state? Can a Chicago suspended driver’s license lawyer help you keep your driver’s license or help you have your license restored?
A driver’s license suspension is more than an inconvenience. A suspended license means that you can’t drive to work, school, or the supermarket. You can’t take your kids to school or drive to appointments with your doctor. In this state, your driver’s license could be suspended for:

  • receiving too

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    When is Driving Under the Influence a Felony?
    In the State of Illinois, a first DUI (driving under the influence) offense is usually a Class A misdemeanor, but even for a DUI misdemeanor, you could be fined and serve time in jail. Clearly, if you’re charged with DUI, you’ll need to be advised and represented by a Chicago DUI attorney.
    But what about second, third, and subsequent DUI offenses? When is driving under the influence a felony in Illinois? What are the penalties for a DUI felony conviction? What are your rights if you’re charged with DUI, and when
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    How Serious is a Speeding Ticket?
    A speeding ticket can be a serious matter in Illinois. If you are ticketed for speeding in or near the Chicago area, you will need the advice and services of a Chicago speeding ticket attorney, and you will need to contact that attorney at once.

    Is speeding a misdemeanor or a felony in Illinois? What are your rights if you are ticketed for speeding in this state, and what steps will you have to take? When should you reach out to a Chicago speeding ticket lawyer for the legal advice and services you
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    What Should You Know About Hit-and-Run?
    Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense in the State of Illinois, and if you’re charged with leaving the scene of an accident in this state, you should be advised and represented – as quickly as possible – by a Chicago hit-and-run lawyer.
    The numbers are alarming. More than 37,000 hit-and-run accidents were reported to Chicago authorities in 2021 – on average, more than one hundred hit-and-run accidents every day – leaving 36 fatalities and over 4,800 people seriously injured.
    What constitutes “hit-and-run” and “leaving the scene” of a traffic
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    If You Are Ticketed for a Moving Violation
    A traffic ticket in Illinois must be resolved quickly, or it could become a legal headache. However, resolving a ticket may not mean paying it. If the ticket is for a moving violation, fight it with help from a Chicago traffic defense lawyer, and contact that lawyer immediately.
    What traffic offenses are moving violations in Illinois? What are your rights if you receive a traffic ticket for a moving violation? Why is it important to fight an Illinois traffic ticket – instead of just paying the fine? When should you contact
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    What is the Point System for Drivers in Illinois?
    Unless you fight them, traffic tickets not only lead to fines. They also add points to your driving record. If you get a ticket in the Chicago area, contact a Chicago traffic defense attorney, and fight that ticket. If too many points go on your driving record, your license will be suspended.
    How does the point system work for drivers in Illinois? How can you avoid having points added to your driving record, and how can you eventually get points off your record? When should you reach out to a
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    What is a Moving Violation?
    If you are ticketed for a moving violation in the State of Illinois, instead of paying the ticket, contact a Chicago traffic ticket attorney as quickly as possible. A moving violation is a traffic offense that is assigned penalty points that count toward a driver’s license suspension in Illinois.
    It’s a serious matter. Even a first offense for texting or talking on a cell phone while driving is a moving violation in Illinois. What are your rights if you receive a ticket for violating the Illinois cell phone law? Can you successfully challenge a cell
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    Reckless driving isn’t a simple driving infraction. In Illinois, reckless driving is a crime. If you are charged with reckless driving in this state, or if you are charged with another serious traffic violation, you should contact a Chicago reckless driving attorney as quickly as possible.
    How long will a reckless driving conviction stay on your record? If you’re charged with reckless driving – or if you are charged with any other serious traffic violation – what are your rights? What steps should you take? When should you contact a Chicago reckless driving lawyer?
    If you’ll continue reading this
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    If you’re given a traffic ticket in or near the Chicago area, get in touch with a Chicago traffic lawyer at once to help you fight the ticket. An attorney will work to help you avoid a fine, but more importantly, an attorney will work to help you avoid getting points on your driving record.
    A ticket may not seem serious, but if you’re convicted of a moving violation in Illinois, you receive points on your driving record, and if you compile too many, your license is suspended. How does the point system work? How many points does it take
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    Everyone knows that driving under the influence – DUI – is against the law, but you may not realize how extensive and serious the penalties can be, even for a first offense. If you are charged with DUI in or near Chicago, you must be advised and represented by a Chicago DUI attorney.
    In 2020, more than 20,000 drivers were arrested in this state and charged with driving under the influence. The enforcement of DUI laws is aggressive in Illinois because DUI is so dangerous. In fact, more than 250 people lost their lives in alcohol-related traffic accidents in
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    Reckless driving is a serious offense in Illinois. If you’re charged with reckless driving in or near the Chicago area, you’ll need advice and legal representation from a Chicago reckless driving attorney, and you must reach out to that attorney immediately.
    More than 1,300 people perished in traffic crashes in Illinois in 2021, so reckless driving has once again emerged as a growing concern. What constitutes reckless driving? What are the defenses against a reckless driving charge in Illinois? How are convictions penalized?
    If you’ll keep reading this discussion of reckless driving, your rights, and the law in Illinois,
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    If you’re ticketed in Illinois for driving more than 25 mph over the limit, you’re charged with Aggravated Speeding. It is a criminal offense in Illinois with serious consequences.
    The lawyers at Driver Defense Team have put together this comprehensive guide to answer your questions on this subject. The information contained here is based on the lawyers’ first-hand knowledge and experience after defending thousands of speeding tickets in the Chicagoland area.
    If you have any further questions about this guide – or if you wish to speak directly with a lawyer about your
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    Traffic violations can range from minor to serious, but there are negative consequences for all of them. If you’re convicted of a traffic violation, you can face penalties ranging from a few points on your license and a small fee to thousands of dollars in fees and jail time.
    The best way to avoid traffic violations and the woes that can come with them is by understanding and obeying traffic laws. Check out some of the most common moving violations in Illinois below to learn how to avoid some of the most expensive traffic violations.
    Things do happen on the
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    Hiring an attorney is a deeply personal decision and an individual hiring an attorney must consider many factors before making a decision on who will represent them in court. When an individual is faced with the choice to either hire a private attorney or a public defender, that individual is in the unfortunate position of being accused of a crime. As a former attorney for the office of Public Defender, I am uniquely qualified to explain the differences between a private attorney and public defender. Further, my experience as a public defender has given me unparalleled insight into why it’s
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    At Driver Defense Team, we represent many clients that are facing a driving under the influence charge when they have one or more prior DUIs in their background. These clients are usually very concerned about what will happen if they are convicted of multiple DUIs. Their concerns are centered around the loss of their driving privileges, being sentenced to jail or prison, and how a conviction for one or more DUIs will affect their ability to find jobs, housing, remain in the United States if they are not a US Citizen, or how it may impact their professional license. 
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    You have been arrested and charged with having a gun. Now what?
    Depending on the circumstances, you may be charged with Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon, more commonly referred to as “Agg UUW”. An Agg UUW is a serious felony offense and should not be taken lightly. If convicted, you may be facing time in prison regardless of your prior  criminal history. For a charge such as this, you definitely need a lawyer!
    What are the rules for carrying a firearm in Illinois? In order to carry a firearm outside of your home, you need two important items: a
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