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Bicycle accidents are a common occurrence in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, many cyclists fail to remember key points that could help them if they ever find themselves in an accident.
This article discusses the importance of understanding relevant laws and regulations when it comes to personal injury cases, as well as:

  • How gathering evidence and information can be beneficial for your case
  • Why seeking medical attention is important after any kind of accident
  • How an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer can provide invaluable advice on how best to proceed with each of these matters so that you

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Driving on Illinois highways can be a challenge. From inclement weather to congested traffic, there are many potential hazards that drivers must navigate to reach their destination safely. It is important for all drivers to practice safe driving habits and follow the rules of the road to avoid accidents and other dangerous situations.
This article provides an overview of the laws and regulations related to driving in Illinois, as well as:

  • Tips for preparing your vehicle for the road
  • Avoiding distracted driving
  • Dealing with inclement weather
  • Sharing the road safely

Understanding the Laws 
Driving laws in Illinois are designed to
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Box truck accidents – collisions involving large commercial vehicles that have a box-like body attached to the frame – are a serious problem in Chicago and the surrounding areas, and are sadly on the rise. These large vehicles can cause significant damage to property, as well as severe injuries to those involved. It is important for drivers and passengers alike to understand the factors that contribute to box truck accidents so they can be better prepared if an accident occurs.
Common Causes of Box Truck Accidents
Box truck accidents occur when a box truck collides with another vehicle, object,
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When driving in Chicago, it is important to be aware of the potential hazards on the road including road rage incidents. Road rage has become a serious issue across the country and especially in major cities like Chicago, and it can have devastating consequences for its victims. Unfortunately, many drivers do not know how to respond if they encounter an altercation with another driver.
An experienced car accident attorney can help you understand your rights after being involved in a road-rage incident or other auto accidents and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Understanding what to
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The spinal cord is a vital piece of the central nervous system, and serves 3 important functions:

  • To send motor commands from the brain to the body
  • To send sensory information from the body back to the brain
  • To coordinate reflexes

A spinal cord injury (SCI) is an injury to the spinal cord that can cause permanent changes in strength, sensation, and other body functions below the site of the injury. SCIs are typically caused by trauma such as a car accident or fall. Depending on where along the spine the damage occurs, symptoms may range from mild to severe
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Pedestrians are amongst the most vulnerable people on the road, and unfortunately, pedestrian-related accidents are common. In fact, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation, an average of 30 to 40 pedestrians are victims of accidents on Chicago roads and sidewalks every year.
Unfortunately, many of these pedestrians do not know their legal rights after being involved in a pedestrian accident, which is why it is important to be aware of the laws, as well as understand how liability is determined.
The Rules of the Road 
It is important to understand that according to Illinois law, pedestrians have the right
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Unintentional injuries land millions of people in the emergency room each year. However, you have legal rights if your injury is caused by another person or party’s negligence or recklessness.
Medical malpractice, auto accidents, workplace injuries – the list goes on. Unintentional injuries can impact your life in many ways. When someone else’s negligence causes this interruption, you deserve compensation.
Unfortunately, navigating the complex personal injury laws in Chicago alone can be overwhelming and frustrating. This is why you should contact our legal team for assistance. At Drake & Collopy, P.C., our Chicago personal injury attorneys will investigate your situation
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A Chicago car accident can have devastating outcomes. When a truck collides with a passenger car, the results can be fatal.
Unfortunately, truck accidents are extremely common in the U.S. and Chicago. If you are the victim of a truck accident, you have legal rights. At Drake & Collopy, P.C., we can investigate your situation and help you file a claim to recover compensation for your losses.
The Danger of Chicago Truck Accidents
Truck accidents are extremely dangerous. The massive weight and size of commercial trucks make them especially dangerous.
Additionally, many truck drivers are on the road for
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Knowing what to do and what not to do after an accident is not intuitive. This is especially true if you are involved in a situation where you need to figure out who is at fault.
If you are injured, you likely know you need to call emergency services. If you are involved in a car accident, you need to contact the police. However, what steps should you take from there?
Knowing what to do and what mistakes to avoid after a personal injury accident is essential to protect your right to compensation. Here, you can learn some of the
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Your spinal cord is an important part of your body. It sends signals from your brain to the rest of your body. 
If the spinal cord is damaged, serious health issues may arise. Spinal cord injuries are often devastating and can change your life and the life of your family forever. If you are paralyzed in an accident, your ability to live a normal life, like you once knew, is stripped away. Unfortunately, paralysis can occur in multiple accident situations. 
A common accident that leads to paralysis is auto collisions. However, a slip and fall can have the same devastating
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Laws known as statutes of limitations define how long a person has to launch a lawsuit against a business or person. It is no longer feasible to submit a claim or case relating to the claimed occurrence or event once this window of time or the applicable legal deadline has elapsed.
If the statute of limitations for medical malpractice in one state is two years, for instance, and you bring a claim two years and one day after the alleged occurrence, you’re out of luck. With very few circumstances, a lawsuit cannot be brought against a doctor or hospital after
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There are some details of Illinois’ personal injury claims procedure that you should be aware of if you were recently hurt and would like to hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries. The issue of who can be held accountable in personal injury claims depends on the nature of the case. The following are some typical personal injury cases in Illinois:

  • Workers’ compensation – If an employee in Illinois sustains an injury while doing their duties, their employer is often held responsible for the severity of the injury. Although legally the employer is also responsible, workers’ compensation insurance is

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According to personal injury law, the individual who may be found to have a duty of care is the one who is most likely to be sued. Duty of care applies to a wide range of routine tasks. Retail establishments have a responsibility to prevent slip-and-fall incidents for customers. Every driver has a duty of care that compels them to drive safely at all times.
Medical professionals have a duty of care that requires them to practice their crafts in accordance with recognized standards. Manufacturers have a responsibility to guarantee that their goods don’t expose customers to unnecessary dangers. There
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It can be challenging to define what constitutes a major vehicle accident, particularly given some horrifying incidents only produce minor injuries, while a very low-impact fender bender could result in painful and disabling injuries. A person has suffered a significant injury if they continue to experience the consequences of their injuries for weeks, months, or even years after the incident, even though there is no clear definition of what constitutes a serious or minor vehicle accident.
While significant injuries to accident victims in low-impact collisions are not very common, they can and do happen. For example, many accident victims emerge
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As personal injury attorneys in Chicago, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects of pedestrian accidents. These types of accidents can result in serious injuries or even death, and they often have a profound impact on the lives of those involved.
Pedestrian accidents occur when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle while walking or crossing the street. These types of accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including driver distraction, failure to yield, speeding, and intoxication.
Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago: What the Statistics Show
According to data from the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were 1,112 pedestrian
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As personal injury attorneys in Chicago for many years, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects of accidents involving intoxicated drivers. These types of accidents are completely preventable, yet they continue to occur with alarming frequency.
Drunk driving accidents occur when a driver operates a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These types of accidents can be caused by a variety of substances, including prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and illegal drugs.
What the Statistics Show
According to data from the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were 8,024 drunk driving crashes in Chicago in 2019. These accidents resulted
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