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Many people living in nursing homes or long-term care facilities are at an increased risk of suffering a pressure injury such as bedsores. As small of a problem as it may seem, bedsores can cause serious issues to a person’s health, especially those of advanced age. In fact, 26% of patients with bedsores or pressure ulcers live in nursing homes.
Knowing the causes of bedsores, how to prevent them, and what precautions nursing homes are expected to take can help keep your loved ones safe from this type of injury.
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Today, Attorneys Jonel Metaj and Larry Disparti of Disparti Law Group parted downtown Chicago to head down to Springfield to fight for the rights of victims of uninsured motorist and hit-and-run accidents.
On September 24,2020, Cristopher Guiracocha was riding his bicycle and was hit by a motorist who never stopped to check on his well-being and safety. With medical bills mounting up, Cristopher’s family reached out to his father’s car insurance plan which is supposed to cover situations like this.
Direct Auto, his father’s insurer, denied the claim stating that Cristopher would have had to occupy the insured car in
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You have consistently visited your mom every other day in the nursing home. But one day you notice that she’s not her same cheery self. She seems withdrawn and on edge and you notice that her caregiver will not leave the two of you alone for very long. That feeling that you get that something may be wrong — listen to it. Elder abuse in nursing homes is a major issue that many Chicago families face.

Elderly residents are not the only victims of the several types of nursing home abuse. Adult residents with disabilities can also be a target
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According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are almost two million residents of elder care facilities and nursing homes in the United States alone. When you place a loved one in a nursing home facility, you’re trusting that they will provide adequate care—but when you suspect a case of abuse, the sense of betrayal can be overwhelming. Learn the typical signs of nursing home abuse, how to document the discovery, and what to do if this happens to you or a loved one.
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Have you ever grabbed your phone to check a calendar date or the weather and the next thing you know, you’re scrolling aimlessly on Instagram or TikTok? Social media apps have a way of sucking us in and keeping our attention for long periods. But at what point does it all go too far and the desire for likes and comments becomes a need?
Social media addiction is real.
And especially for teens and young adults. A person can become addicted to that rush of receiving likes, going viral, or simply scrolling through meaningless videos. Interestingly, researchers have found that
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Disability Attorney
A common issue many people struggle with is determining how much insurance to have. With so many different types of insurance and policies, it can be daunting to even start thinking about what type of, and how much, insurance coverage to get. Along with the obvious answers of health, life, and auto insurance, having long-term disability insurance may be the mechanism that saves you from complete financial ruin. In our current economy, there is a good chance you are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and you understand that any number of occurrences can quickly lead to financial catastrophe. You can fall
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Social media sites have allowed us to connect with people from around the world. To share our fondest memories and to keep in touch with family and long-time friends. However, with its many benefits come several downfalls. Social media also gives bullies better access to their victims and allows them to hide behind anonymity.
Social media sites are many. However, there are some sites where cyberbullying tends to be more common. In this article, we’ll discuss the top social media sites for cyberbullying, the impacts of social media cyberbullying, and what can be done to solve the problem.
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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is one of the largest, most influential labor unions in the country. From its start, it has been known to lead the way in fighting for better wages and work conditions for its members. But the Teamsters Union has not only improved the conditions for union workers but for all workers. That legacy continues today after several recent victories for Teamsters that are sure to impact all workers throughout Chicago and the state of Illinois.
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Several laws in Chicago make sexual harassment in the workplace illegal. However, sexual harassment charges still account for approximately 27.7% of all harassment charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This would suggest that there is still room for improvement in Chicago’s sexual harassment laws that will better prevent incidents and support victims. Fortunately, recent updates to these laws as of July 1, 2022, may help move things in the right direction when it comes to improving victim’s rights.
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For many births, everything goes as planned and the mother has a successful vaginal delivery. However, 5% of deliveries will require operative vaginal deliveries such as the use of forceps or vacuum extractors. These devices are used in assisted delivery techniques during these deliveries and are used to help the baby make its way through the birth canal.
Both the mother and the baby may be at risk of sustaining vacuum birth injuries. While some injuries may be considered complications, there may be times when the birth injury is caused due to the negligence of a healthcare professional. In this
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Bringing a child into this world can be one of the most beautiful yet traumatic days of a mother’s life. At this time, a woman and her baby deserve the very best care from their healthcare professionals both during the pregnancy and the delivery. Unfortunately, not all deliveries and pregnancies go as planned and can result in a birth injury or trauma. Birth injury statistics may be alarming but it’s important to understand the risk factors of certain injuries and when the injury may have been caused by medical negligence.
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When a person’s disability makes it impossible for them to work, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is there to administer benefits for the lost wages. Some disabilities, like fibromyalgia, may be more hidden than others, but they still carry several challenges that can interfere with one’s ability to work to make a living.
Fortunately, you can get disability for fibromyalgia.  However, since researchers do not fully fibromyalgia or how to quantify the severity of this disease, it can be particularly challenging to meet the SSA’s requirements to receive benefits for this disability. If you are needing social security disability benefits
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Unfortunately, work-related amputation injuries are not so uncommon. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), there was an average of 8.9 out of 100,000 amputations between 2007 and 2018. There are several possible causes of workplace amputation injuries but regardless, employers, third parties, lawmakers, and others should go above and beyond to protect workers from these types of accidents.  
Most Common Causes of Workplace Amputation Injuries
Workplace amputation injuries can result from various hazards and unsafe practices within the work environment. Some of the most common causes include:
1. Machine Accidents
Amputations frequently occur due to entanglement or
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A mechanical power press is the most commonly used type of power press. Since it’s the most commonly used, it’s also the most researched power press in terms of use and safety. Workers who regularly use mechanical power presses are at a greater risk of suffering an amputation injury than others.
Laws and regulations related to the use of mechanical power presses be focused on worker safety and reducing the risk of amputations and other injuries while using this machine. Amputations that result can be particularly devastating for the victim. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to reduce the risk
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On July 29th, at 11 A.M., a massive line of kids and their parents lined the paths of Armour Square Park just north of Guaranteed Rate Field. Those kids were in greeted by the staff and friends of Disparti Law as they waiting patiently to receive a full-stocked backpack to prepare them for school. The Sky Guy, the official mascot of the WNBA’s Chicago Sky, handed out high-fives as parents registered their families for the free event.

“Last year, we created this event as a way to give back to our community and make sure that all kids are ready
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Trenching accidents pose the greatest threat to worker safety. Unfortunately, the jobs that require trenching are often incredibly valuable to a city’s infrastructure. Construction workers who work in trenches deserve the best possible protection to keep them safe and ensure they make it home to their loved ones.
Therefore, preventing trenching accidents should be a top priority of lawmakers, city officials, construction companies, and employers.
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