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One of the most common crimes that a person can be charged with are property crimes. Property crimes include robbery, burglary, shoplifting, larceny, and theft, including motor vehicle theft. If you have been charged with a property crime, it can be a stressful and even frightening time. The criminal justice system can be complex and intimidating, and depending on the circumstances of your case, a conviction could even mean jail time. This is why anyone charged with a property crime should consider retaining the services of a defense attorney. The following are some of the possible defenses an attorney may
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The long-term financial impacts of divorce can be expensive. If both spouses worked during the marriage, they will now be going from two incomes to one, with their collective income now supporting two sets of living expenses, as well as funding two separate savings and retirement accounts. Essentially, removing the financial stability of a dual income home. However, planning ahead can help. If you are considering a divorce, many financial advisors and attorneys suggest taking the following steps, so you are on firmer financial ground if and when you decide to file.

Financial Steps To Take During a Divorce
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If you are facing criminal charges in Illinois for the first time, it can be a stressful and even frightening experience. The criminal justice system can feel overwhelming, especially if you are unaware of what the process will be before your case has reached some sort of resolution. The following are some of the general criminal law terms that you may hear during this process. For more detailed information about your particular situation, consider speaking with a DuPage County criminal defense attorney from our firm.
The arraignment is where a defendant has their first court appearance following their arrest.
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When you and your spouse make the decision to get a divorce, your assets must be evaluated, in order to determine a fair split of the property you accumulated during the marriage. One of the most complex evaluations you will experience is the appraisal of any business you own together. Business valuations can quickly grow contentious and accusatory, and having the right attorney on your side may make the difference between an equitable settlement and a long period of fighting.
Potential Points of Contention
Unless there is a prenuptial agreement that addresses the distribution of the business shares, an apportionment
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Domestic violence in the United States is a serious issue that can threaten mental, physical, and emotional health. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 41.5% of women and 25.9% of men living in Illinois have or will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. The lasting psychological and potentially life-threatening physical effects of violence are serious, and victims should know how to remove themselves from a dangerous situation safely. Orders of Protection are available to help protect victims from their abusers.

Orders of Protection — What Type is Right For You?
To obtain an Order
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Battery and assault charges are serious crimes. In Illinois, assault and battery are two separate charges that are sentenced differently. Assault refers to the threat of violence where battery involves physical contact. However, there are different variations of battery charges ranging from minor misdemeanor charges to felony charges. Depending on the nature of the situation, the relationship with the other party involved, and other aggravating factors, an individual accused of battery in Illinois may face significant jail time. If you or a loved one were charged with battery, seek experienced legal counsel to fight the charges.
Domestic Battery
Domestic battery
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 Retail theft in Illinois is defined as a person who intentionally takes, alters, or transfers an item for sale to avoid paying the listed retail price. Retail theft comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. It can be charged anywhere from a class A misdemeanor to a felony, and perpetrators may have to serve jail time and pay a steep fine. It is helpful to understand the various types of in-store theft and its charges to prevent a criminal charge for a retail crime. 
What does Retail Theft Look Like?
Illinois law characterizes retail theft as any intentional alteration
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After completing the marriage dissolution process, the spouses will have a legal divorce decree outlining all of their responsibilities and division of assets from the marriage. If the couple had children together during the marriage, the divorce decree will also include information regarding parenting time and child support payments, if necessary. The information found in the divorce agreement is especially important when one or both spouses decide to make a change in their lifestyle following the divorce. Whether a spouse decides to begin a new job, remarry or relocate with joint custody, the decree will dictate what is permitted
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Divorce decrees are legal agreements that explain the court’s ruling on the dissolution of a marriage. Typically, these decrees are final, and they lay out how the spouses will divide their assets, pay spousal support and child support, and who gets the majority of parenting time with the children. Following a divorce, many factors can change that may lead a spouse to want to alter the divorce decree, including changing the amount of child support given or received. These modifications can be made by requesting a change in the divorce agreement through the court. 
How to Request a
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Whether it is a one-time adulterous act or an ongoing affair, being cheated on is painful. Many marriages are unable to survive an act of infidelity. If you are getting divorced and your spouse cheated on you, you may wonder how this can impact divorce. You may wonder if you will be entitled to a greater share of the marital estate or will gain an edge in child custody matters because of the adultery. Read on to learn about adultery may influence a divorce case in Illinois.
Illinois Does Not Have Fault-Based Grounds for Divorce
When you ask the court
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Did you know that the average cost of raising a child from infancy to adulthood is over a quarter-million dollars? Between housing, groceries, extracurricular activities, and tuition, kids are expensive. Child support payments help cover child-related costs when parents are unmarried or divorced. In Illinois, child support is calculated using a statutory formula. But what happens when a parent has children from multiple relationships? Will he or she pay child support to both of his or her exes? What if the child support payments become too expensive to afford?
Understanding Child Support Calculations in Illinois
The parent with the majority
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Driving a car is a skill that takes practice. Consequently, young people are more likely to be involved in car accidents than older people. Statistics show that teens aged 16-19 are at the greatest risk of being involved in an accident. In fact, teen drivers are three times as likely to be involved in a fatal wreck than drivers aged 20 years or older.

If your child has recently started driving, it is crucial to understand Illinois traffic laws. Traffic violations like speeding or texting while driving not only increase the risk of an accident, they can also lead to
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One of the most pressing issues in any divorce is the identification, valuation, and division of marital property. Some assets are easy to evaluate and distribute during divorce. Others require assistance from financial and legal professionals.
If you are a doctor with a private practice, you may question how your professional practice will be addressed during divorce. Many medical professionals assume that their practice is theirs alone. However, there are many situations where a medical practice is considered a marital asset to which both spouses are entitled. Even if the practice is considered a non-marital asset, the value of
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Many people see shoplifting as a minor offense as compared to violent crimes. Stealing from a big box store may even be considered a “victimless crime” to those who commit retail theft. However, Illinois law does not take retail theft lightly. Individuals convicted of retail theft may face misdemeanor or felony charges. The severity of the charge and the associated criminal penalties are based on the value of the goods allegedly stolen and the defendant’s criminal history.
As retail theft becomes increasingly frequent, stores are ramping up their efforts to catch offenders and bring them to justice. Unfortunately, this sometimes
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A crucial aspect of the divorce process is the division of the couple’s assets and debts. Divorcing spouses may need to address the marital home, vacation homes, bank accounts, retirement assets, investments, business interests, and much more. However, to discuss these issues practically, both spouses must fully disclose their income, property, financial resources, and liabilities. Lying about finances, undervaluing property, or failing to disclose assets are all forms of financial fraud that can impact a divorce considerably.
What Does Financial Fraud Look Like?
Spouses who want to shield money or property from division during the divorce may use several different
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Illinois law punishes violent offenses more harshly than non-violent offenses. A conviction for domestic battery can lead to criminal penalties including heavy fines and jail time. If you have been accused of harming a family or household member, you may be up against some serious charges. Your career, personal reputation, and very freedom may be on the line.
Responding to Allegations of Domestic Abuse
Domestic battery is defined as causing bodily harm or making physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature to a family member or household member. If the alleged offense is committed against a child or causes
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