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Since our founding in 2007, we have dedicated our firm to the practice of divorce and family law because of the tremendous need for lawyers who focus in this area. We have since continued to grow and have offices throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma in areas such as St. Louis Metropolitan Area, Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Columbia, Springfield, Wichita, Tulsa and beyond in the Midwest.

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When a client hires their collaborative divorce lawyer, they must get essential documents and evidence. Otherwise, it is hard for a lawyer to advise their client on what may be fair and reasonable settlement terms.
Additionally, without the necessary documents and evidence, it is hard for the lawyer to confirm the values of specific marital property and debt. It may also be hard to devise an appropriate strategy in collaborative sessions.
What Documents and Evidence Should A Client Get Their Lawyer?
Many clients are uncertain at the outset of the representation about what they should get their lawyer. To
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A collaborative divorce is an option for many individuals going through a divorce. Through a collaborative divorce, parties can sometimes resolve their divorce matter outside of court. When a divorce settles outside of court, it can reduce fees and animosity. It can also allow parties to co-parent better in the future.
Many parties should at least consider the option of collaborative divorce before engaging in litigation. Collaborative divorce will not work in every instance, but it might work in more instances than many may think.
Is Honesty Required for Collaborative Divorce to Work?
However, is it necessary that both
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When a marriage is not working, many opt for marriage counseling. Marriage counseling can be a good place for a married couple to discuss their difficulties in the marriage in the hopes of resolving them.
Many couples can walk out of marriage counseling in a better place. The hope for many is that a compromise can be forged on key areas of difficulty and that the marriage can continue.
Marriage counselors that are good at what they do can get both parties talking. Marriage counselors can also help parties engage in a discourse that can lead to a better understanding
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Collaborative Divorce As An Option
A collaborative divorce is an option many parties should consider when their marriage is ending. In a collaborative divorce, parties both hire a lawyer trained in collaborative practice. They also utilize the help of experts, like a divorce coach, financial neutral and child custody professional.
The hope is that parties can resolve their divorce or family law matter outside of court. After they reach an agreement, they can submit settlement paperwork to the judge to end their case.
In some situations, however, collaborative divorce does not work. The parties may try in good faith to
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