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Since our founding in 2007, we have dedicated our firm to the practice of divorce and family law because of the tremendous need for lawyers who focus in this area. We have since continued to grow and have offices throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma in areas such as St. Louis Metropolitan Area, Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Columbia, Springfield, Wichita, Tulsa and beyond in the Midwest.

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Co-parenting applications are becoming increasingly popular in divorce or family law matters where there are children. In cases where these…
The post The rise of co-parenting applications first appeared on Family Law Headquarters by Stange Law Firm.
The post The rise of co-parenting applications appeared first on Family Law Headquarters by Stange Law Firm.
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Many are interested in the concept of a collaborative divorce. But an initial question many have is how long a collaborative divorce will take.

“Can a collaborative divorce be done in weeks or months, or will it take longer than that?” Many consider this question at length when they debate whether to entertain a collaborative divorce.
How Does A Collaborative Divorce Work?
A collaborative divorce entails both parties having a lawyer trained in collaborative divorce. Parties also typically have a financial neutral and a divorce coach to assist.

To complete a collaborative divorce, the reality is that parties have to
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