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Car accidents can be a traumatic event for anyone involved. While there are many things that you might have to consider during this time, one of the most important documents that you should be aware of is the police report.
The police report contains important information about the crash, such as the date, time, location, and a summary of what happened. Fortunately, it is difficult to use this document against you in a lawsuit. That is because police reports are generally considered hearsay and are not admissible as evidence in court. However, certain portions of the report could make it
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After a car accident, you might be badly injured and in need of expensive medical treatment, among other costs. You can file a claim for compensation for your losses, but you only have so much time to do so.
If you file a civil lawsuit, you have 2 years to file according to the statute of limitations. You might have additional time depending on the situation, but you should check with an attorney. If you file an insurance claim, time limits are usually set by the insurance company and may be contained within the policy terms. If you are unsure
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Your damages in a personal injury case should accurately reflect your injuries, losses, and expenses. While many states limit the amount of damages a plaintiff can recover, Illinois does not.
Damages in Illinois personal injury cases are not capped by statutes. This means that there are no laws limiting how much compensation a plaintiff may be awarded for any category of damages. Damages may be awarded for economic losses and psychological injuries. Punitive damages to punish the defendant or nominal damages might also be considered. While there are no hard caps set by law, there are other ways in which
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When filing auto insurance claims, people in different states might have to adhere to different rules and procedures. While some states have no-fault policies, Illinois does not. Fault must be shown in an Illinois car accident case.
When you file an insurance claim after a car accident in Illinois, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to your case to determine who is at fault. If you successfully show how the other driver is at fault, their insurance should cover your damages up to the policy limit. Proving a no-fault claim requires evidence similar to what you might see in a
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Accidents can be tough to deal with, especially when you have serious injuries and high medical bills. If your medical debt is too high to handle, call a lawyer and talk about how you might reduce this debt.
Your attorney might be able to contact hospital officials and work out a way to reduce your bills. This might involve reviewing itemized lists of procedures and treatment costs, disputing erroneous charges, or working our agreements for smaller payments. Your attorney might instead help you file insurance claims. Some hospital bills are overwhelming because health insurance providers fail to step up when
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Footage from traffic cameras can serve as valuable evidence in a car accident case. However, these cameras may not store footage for very long. Further, the process for obtaining traffic camera footage can be complicated.
To request traffic camera footage after a car accident in Chicago, you must first identify the accident’s location and contact local authorities for guidance. Afterwards, you must submit a request to the agency responsible for the relevant traffic camera recording. It’s advisable to seek legal assistance when making this request. The team at our firm can help recover your footage and review it for evidence
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The aftermath of taxi accidents can be very distressing. Victims regularly incur injuries that cause immense physical pain, emotional distress, and financial hardship. Further, their roads to recovery can appear highly complicated.
Fortunately, you can sue an at-fault party after a taxi accident in Chicago. There are several parties who may be responsible for such an accident. Thankfully, after your free case review, the team at our firm can help determine liability and build your claim for compensation.
Get assistance from our experienced Chicago car accident lawyers by calling the Rhatigan Law Offices at (312) 578-8502.
Suing for a Taxi
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After a crash, a lot of drivers will not want to “get insurance involved.”  They think that, by working around insurance, they can save money and avoid having their rates go up for causing a crash.  However, these drivers are often putting you at risk, and you might not be able to get full compensation if they refuse to provide insurance.
Illinois law requires drivers to carry insurance so that it can be used in the event of a crash.  If the driver refuses to provide you with their insurance info after a crash, the police can often help.  You
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Being injured in Chicago is complicated enough, legally speaking. Being injured in Chicago when you live in a different state can be very confusing. You should talk to a lawyer about your legal options in such a situation.
If you were injured in Chicago but do not live in Illinois, you can still sue for damages, but your case might be more complex. You can begin your case in Illinois, where you were injured. You might also sue the defendant in their home state if they do not live in Illinois. Under certain circumstances, you can file the case in
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Many cases are settled out of court without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom. When negotiating a settlement, the goal is to get the best deal possible. What makes a good settlement for brain injuries largely depends on circumstances unique to your case.
Settlement in brain injury cases can be quite high, especially when the brain injury is permanent and debilitating. As with any settlement, the more severe your injuries are, the higher the settlement should be. Your attorney can help you go over numerous factors that might influence the outcome of your case, including compensatory damages, the duration
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Damage to your nerves may be extremely painful and lead to a myriad of medical complications. Nerve injuries are somewhat unpredictable, and how much money may be paid to an injured plaintiff can be difficult to determine.
The average payout for nerve damage cases is hard to say, as nerve damage may range from mild to extreme. The average payout may be very high for severe cases where damage is long-lasting and carries numerous complications. Your specific nerve damage claims might be worth a large sum if the injuries are severe, complications are long-term, or your nerve damage leads to
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The education system is a huge part of children’s lives. It is where they spend important formative years and learn important life lessons. Unfortunately, schools are not perfect places, and kids sometimes get hurt.
If your child is injured at school, you can sue the school, teachers, other staff members, and even the school district. However, doing so tends to be difficult because public schools are governmental entities with a certain degree of immunity. Even private schools are protected to an extent. Although it might be difficult, an attorney can help you sue your child’s school for injuries. Examples of
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If you were injured in an accident caused by a negligent semi truck driver, you can sue that driver for your injuries and damages. Before you begin, you should speak to a lawyer, as suing a semi truck driver might be more complicated than you realize.
In many semi truck accidents, the truck drivers are responsible for the crash. Trucker negligence is very often the root cause of these kinds of accidents. To prove your claims and get compensation for your injuries, you need to show how the tucker was negligent and how their negligence directly caused the collision. To
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Whiplash is a common neck injury in auto accidents. While the condition often heals with time, treatment to manage the pain and speed up recovery might be necessary.
Whiplash often occurs when someone’s head is quickly and forcefully rocked forward and back, or vice versa. It is common in car crashes where drivers and passengers have their heads whipped back and forth from the force of the impact. Treating whiplash varies based on the severity of the injury and your level of pain. Some people ice the painful area and take painkillers or muscle relaxants to manage the pain. Others
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Amazon is one of the largest companies on the planet. They employ thousands of people and interact with millions of customers daily. Unfortunately, some people have reported being injured in accidents involving Amazon or Amazon products. If you are hurt, call a lawyer now.
It is possible to sue Amazon for your injuries, but you should know that doing so can be very challenging, and success is not guaranteed. In many cases, Amazon has found ways to shield itself from liability, and other parties might be liable instead. Common accidents and injuries people often try to sue Amazon for include
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Settlements are common in civil lawsuits, so common that most cases end in a settlement rather than a jury verdict. Neck injuries sometimes lead to large settlements since the neck is a very sensitive area of the body, but settlements can be predictable.
Determining the average settlement for neck injuries is more complex than it sounds. Neck injuries vary from minor yet painful injuries to debilitating. As such, settlements vary as well. To help you understand how your potential settlement might turn out, consider the extent of your damages and any circumstances that might make your claims stronger or weaker.
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