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After being injured in a car accident in Illinois, it is important to obtain the police report for your collision. Victims can typically do this by going online and downloading a copy of their report.
If the Illinois State Police completed your recent car accident report, you can get a copy by visiting its website. You’ll have to provide information about yourself and your accident and pay a fee of $5. Digital reports from the Illinois State Police are sent about ten days after a request has been made. If another law enforcement agency in Illinois completed your report, you
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The cost of a personal injury can be devastating. Victims can incur a wide range of economic and non-economic losses. Still, in many cases, some of the most significant damages stem from the cost of injured parties’ medical expenses.
If you were hurt as the result of someone else’s negligence in Chicago, then the person responsible for your injury can be held accountable for your medical bills. However, obtaining a fair settlement from the at-fault party can take a long time. You may need to have your own health insurance providers cover your medical expenses and then seek reimbursement after
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The implementation of various traffic cameras in Chicago, like speed, red-light, and live cameras, have impacted the frequency of car accidents in the area. Furthermore, images from these cameras can help victims strengthen a case for compensation if injured in a crash.
Traffic cameras can impact car accidents in Chicago in several ways. These devices might film or photograph images that provide insight into an accident’s sequence of events or identify a negligent driver. Traffic cameras in Chicago have also lowered the number of certain collisions, most notably intersection car accidents. This is largely because of the city’s Red-Light Camera
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Accidents and injuries often come with considerable monetary expenses, but the personal cost to plaintiffs may be deeper than bills. Pain and suffering may be extensive, and injured plaintiffs deserve fair compensation.
Damages for pain and suffering may be claimed as non-economic damages as part of your overall compensatory damages. Pain and suffering are sometimes difficult to prove but may be inferred from the nature of your injuries. Damages for pain and suffering may be worth quite a lot of compensation, and how these damages are calculated is important. Courts and attorneys often calculate these damages through the per diem
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Every case has multitudes of unique pieces of evidence, including witnesses. Witness statements can sometimes make or break a case, and certain kinds of witnesses can be very beneficial.
Depending on how and where your car accident occurred, there might be various possible witnesses, including eyewitnesses, expert witnesses, and others. Not all witnesses need to have watched your accident happen to have valuable first-hand knowledge pertaining to your case. Getting witness statements might be difficult. Tracking down these witnesses is already going to be a challenge. Once tracked down, some witnesses are reluctant to get involved. You should exchange contact
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There are multiple types of damages you may pursue after suffering a personal injury in Chicago. First, you may obtain compensatory damages that reimburse you for the harm and loss you experienced as the result of the defendant’s negligence. Furthermore, you may also acquire punitive damages if certain conditions are met.
Punitive damages seek to punish a defendant for their especially reckless behavior and discourage others from exhibiting similar conduct in the future. Someone who causes an accident by acting somewhat carelessly will not be obligated to pay punitive damages. Rather, they may only be awarded in cases where the
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Car accidents involve damage to your vehicle, which can be very costly, and bodily injuries that require expensive medical treatment. As such, we need your medical records to support your legal claims for compensation.
Generally, it is wise to get copies of all medical records related to your accident. You have a right to your own medical records, so getting copies of them is often not a problem. However, we should formally request copies of your records sooner rather than later since it might take a bit of time before you have the copies in your hands. Your medical records
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Car accident claims are typically resolved through insurance since all drivers are legally required to be insured. However, negligent drivers sometimes fail to carry insurance, and suing them might be a good way to get compensation.
If the negligent driver who hit you is uninsured, you can sue them for damages instead of taking the usual route through insurance. Depending on your insurance situation, you might have insurance policies you can rely on for help while your case against the driver is pending. Since the negligent driver cannot rely on their insurance to cover your damages, they might have to
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Getting fair compensation after a car accident can be like pulling teeth in some cases. Defendants and their insurance companies often open with insultingly low settlement offers, but a lawyer can help you get what you rightly deserve.
If the defendant or their insurance company has made a very low settlement offer after a car accident, do not accept it. Instead, you should return with a much higher counteroffer that covers your damages and expenses. You should contact an attorney to help you with settlement negotiations. Without an experienced lawyer, you might be taken advantage of without realizing it. Before
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After an injury, many people file insurance claims to recoup financial losses such as medical bills. While settling with an insurance company is fairly common, it should not be done without some legal guidance.
After an accident or an injury in Illinois, you will likely file a third-party claim with the other person’s insurance company. Alternatively, you might have your own insurance policy that covers your injuries. In either scenario, you may need to prove how your injuries occurred before the insurance company awards any compensation. While a lawyer is not required by law, speaking with one before talking to
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A wrongful death claim might arise when someone is killed because of another person’s negligence or intentional conduct. Whether or not the defendant is criminally charged, they can be held accountable for your grievous loss.
Wrongful death claims can be emotionally difficult for plaintiffs to handle, and it is not unusual for people to need some time to grieve before taking legal action. While taking time to process such a tragic loss is understandable, you must submit your claims before the statutory deadline lapses. In Illinois, most wrongful death claims have to be filed within 2 years of the deceased
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If you lose a loved one, you might have certain legal options for compensation, depending on the circumstances. A wrongful death claim may be necessary if your loved one passed away because of someone else’s negligence, but a survival action might be important for other losses.
Wrongful death claims and survival actions are filed after someone dies but are legally distinct claims. Generally, a personal representative of the deceased person’s estate must file both types of claims. Possible claims for wrongful death include personal injuries that ultimately caused death. Possible survival actions include various personal injuries unrelated to the cause
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Lawsuits must be filed by a certain time or else plaintiffs might be unable to file the claim at all. Statutes of limitations vary based on the nature of the claim, and your attorney can help you determine when you should sue.
Statutes of limitations are laws that set a deadline for when plaintiffs can file a lawsuit, and they vary depending on the claim. Car accidents, for example, adhere to a 2-year deadline, which can be challenging to meet because of insurance claims and other complications. If the statute of limitations expires, you might lose your right to sue
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Pain and suffering can be a significant portion of a plaintiff’s non-economic damages. Calculating these damages can be tricky since they do not come at a monetary cost.
Pain and suffering are very subjective experiences, and it can be hard to figure exactly how much money these damages should be worth. Generally, lawyers and courts use one of two methods to calculate pain and suffering. First is the per diem method, where a dollar amount is assigned to each day you experience pain and suffering. Next is the multiplier method, where your total non-economic damages are calculated by multiplying your
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Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation system generally applies to anyone legally considered an “employee” who is injured at work. While you can also file a personal injury lawsuit, certain parties are shielded from liability.
If you are already collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits or are in the process of filing a claim, you can also file a personal injury lawsuit, but only against certain parties. Under Workers’ Compensation laws, employers and coworkers are usually shielded from liability, but third parties might still be sued. Common claims against third parties include product liability cases related to dangerous defective work equipment. If you file a
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Drunk-driving car accidents are often extremely chaotic. These accidents tend to be more devastating and usually involve criminal prosecution.
After being injured by a drunk driver, you will understandably want to recover compensation but might now know how the driver’s conviction fits in. A drunk driver’s conviction in criminal court can usually tell you how strong your civil case will be. The burden of proof is high in criminal cases, so a conviction there bodes well for your civil claim. Other parties could also be liable for your injuries, like if a bar served the driver before they injured you.
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