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Jamie Spears, Britney Spears’s father, is no longer serving as her conservator. His suspension came amid allegations that he had mishandled his daughter’s funds. The conservatorship gave Jamie Spears almost complete control over Britney’s finances and many other aspects of her life. The decision to place Britney under a conservatorship was controversial in the first place. Although the singer was undoubtedly experiencing mental health problems, legal questions remained about whether her public breakdown truly constituted the level of incompetency required to impose a conservatorship.
What did Jamie Spears Legally do Wrong?
Jamie Spears has faced a lot of public backlash
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Frankly, everyone who is able to make a living will should have one. No one can predict the future – even young and healthy individuals can find themselves in a situation where they are at least temporarily incapacitated and unable to make medical decisions for themselves. There are some individuals for whom having a living will is particularly important. If you are interested in creating a living will, you will want to work with a qualified attorney to make sure all your wishes are expressed accurately in the document.
When Should I Make a Living Will?
The short answer is,
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Both wills and trusts are important estate planning documents that can be used to govern what happens to your property after your death. Each comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. It is best to speak to a qualified estate planning attorney who can help you design a comprehensive estate plan—which may include one or both documents—based on your unique situation.
What Are the Main Differences Between Wills and Trusts?
Wills and trusts are both legal documents that allow you to dictate what will happen to your property after you have died. However, there are significant differences.
For example, wills and
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Managing an estate takes a great deal of responsibility and good decision-making capabilities. This is true throughout the entire estate planning process; however, it becomes especially significant toward late adulthood. Unfortunately, not all individuals are capable of managing their estate effectively on their own. In these instances, it may be necessary to request and appoint guardianship over the estate owner. Through diligent research, effort, and collaboration with an experienced elder law attorney, successful guardianship is possible.
When is Estate Guardianship Necessary?
In Illinois, guardianship may be granted in instances where an individual, known as the ward, is not capable of
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency that oversees workplace safety in the United States. The agency has designated construction sites as one of the most dangerous workplaces because of the high number of deaths and injuries of construction workers each year. The agency has even identified the top construction site hazards, referred to as the “Fatal Four,” that are responsible for the most construction site accident deaths. These four are falls, struck by an object, electrocutions, and caught-in/between, compressed or crushed.
Hazardous Materials
The Fatal Four are also responsible for a high number of violations
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Parents are bound to disagree on various issues during a divorce. In most cases, parents can come to an agreement on important issues such as allocating parenting time and decision-making responsibilities. Sometimes, the parents have to attend mediation or use some other form of dispute resolution to help them resolve their disagreements. Other times, parents are unable to come to an agreement amongst themselves, even when utilizing mediation or lawyer-assisted negotiations. In those situations, a judge will intervene to make sure the child’s best interests are protected.
Determining Parenting Time When Parents Disagree
If the court steps in to determine
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Now that the weather is getting warmer, the number of people on the road will rise, along with the number of traffic accidents and fatalities. According to information from the National Safety Council (NSC), the number of traffic fatalities that occur during the summer months is much higher than the number of traffic fatalities during the winter months. In April 2020, there were 2,520 reported traffic deaths, but May 2020 had 3,340 reported traffic deaths, which amounts to a nearly 36 percent increase in fatalities just one month apart. One of the best things you can do to prevent yourself
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During the divorce process, spouses will need to address and resolve a wide variety of legal issues. If a couple has children together, the matter of child custody will be one of their primary concerns, and they will need to create a parenting plan that will define their rights and obligations toward their children while detailing how they will share custody. As parents work to reach agreements about how these matters will be handled, they can ensure that their parenting plan includes all of the necessary information that will allow them to meet their obligations and provide for their children’s
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On January 1, 2020, the use of marijuana became legal in Illinois, and adults who live in the state are now allowed to possess and use this drug for both medical and recreational purposes. For many people in the state, the legalization of marijuana has raised concerns about whether more people will be driving while under the influence of this drug. Just as drunk driving can greatly increase the risk of being involved in a car accident, the use of marijuana can affect a person’s ability to drive safely. Those who have been involved in a collision with a
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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in a variety of ways, but for many people and families, the most significant impact has been the loss of employment or income. If you are a parent who pays child support, and you have been laid off, had your hours cut back, or have otherwise experienced a reduction in the income you earn, you may find yourself unable to meet your court-ordered obligations. To avoid legal consequences while ensuring that you will be able to provide for your children and meet your own needs, you will want to be sure to
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Despite the first COVID-19 vaccines being distributed this week, in all likelihood many people are still going to stay at home for safety during the majority of the wintertime. However, as the economy continues to recover from all the stay-at-home orders and closing businesses, many more people have entered the gig economy as delivery drivers for all sorts of companies. While postal workers and delivery drivers for mainstays like the USPS, UPS, and FedEx have been delivering for years and have plenty of safety guidelines and insurance policies in place to handle slippery sidewalks and walkways, gig workers are much
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As what seems like a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the nation, resulting in record-breaking infections, hospitalizations, and deaths since the beginning of this crisis, it appears no particular city or state in this country is immune to the ravages of this devastating disease. Chicago and Illinois in general are no exceptions. As such, Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker both announced recently that new restrictions on public interaction are necessary, including more stay-at-home orders for all nonessential services and workers. If you are a co-parent with a parenting agreement that entitles you or
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Due to issues related to evidence, witness testimonies, and liability, personal injury cases can be quite complex, and they can involve many factors that can affect an entire case. One of the most important of these factors is the medical professional(s) that may provide testimony, consultations, or reports in support of your case. Here are some of the ways medical professionals can help you win your personal injury case:
4 Reasons Third-Party Medical Professionals Are Vital to Your Personal Injury Case
Getting fair compensation for your personal injury is not always an easy outcome to attain. You deserve to receive
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When going through a high-net-worth divorce, it is common for one spouse to have far greater financial means than the other. Even in a divorce between spouses of more modest means, one spouse may have been the primary bread-winner of the household. Spousal maintenance exists in order to help a divorcee who may be unable to support themselves or maintain their accustomed lifestyle on their own.
How long will the payments last? Illinois has guidelines and formulas that instruct courts on how to determine whether maintenance should be permanent or temporary and how long the payments should continue if
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It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone will survive major accidents that would have otherwise left them severely injured. More than 1,000 people die in vehicle crashes in Illinois each year, according to recent data from the Illinois Department of Transportation. While fatal vehicle accidents make up less than 1 percent of the total crashes in Illinois, each death has an irreversible impact on the family of the person who was killed. If another party is liable for the fatal accident, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to receive monetary compensation.
When Can
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In some instances, both biological parents raising their child is not a possibility. Maybe the child has lost his or her parents or perhaps the parents have a history of abuse and therefore lost custody of their child. When a parent dies or is deemed unable to care for a child, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) will typically look to the child’s next of kin to be his or her caregiver. Aunts, uncles, and grandparents are valid options to care for the child as a legal guardian. However, grandparents may struggle to financially support the child,
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