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A common question amongst people who are specifically filing for an uncontested divorce in Illinois is whether or not it is necessary to hire a divorce attorney. While not a requirement to retain legal representation when divorcing, people who are divorcing can benefit greatly from the guidance and experience of an experienced attorney.
But the reason this question is so commonly asked in the face of an uncontested divorce has everything to do with how easy people believe uncontested divorces can be. But why is that? And should you hire a lawyer if you are filing an uncontested divorce in
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When Illinois parents file for divorce, they are asked to create a parenting plan. This plan outlines how the parents fulfill parenting obligations as a divorced couple. If the parents can agree on the plan’s provisions, they can create the plan together and submit it to the Court for approval. If they cannot reach an agreement, they can each submit their own separate plan to the Court for approval. If you are a parent thinking about divorce, make sure to avoid these common mistakes when creating your parenting plan.
Mistake #1: Undervaluing the Usefulness of the Parenting Plan
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 Domestic violence is much more prevalent than many people realize. The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority reports that 42 percent of Illinois women and 26 percent of Illinois men have experienced intimate partner violence. If you have been harmed by a former or current family member or household member, you are not alone. Domestic violence may involve married couples, ex romantic partners, family members, or roommates. If you or a loved one were a victim of domestic violence, an order of protection may give you the legal protection you need.
When is an Order of Protection Necessary?
An order
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 High net worth divorces share the same legal process as non-high net worth divorces, but the legal steps require a much more polished approach. With so much at stake, your spouse may go to greater lengths in an attempt to conceal finances and dividable assets. In the weeks and months leading up to a high net worth divorce, someone with a well thought out plan on how to conceal those assets may display some early warning signs to keep an eye out for, such as: 
Early Warning Signs:
Financial fraud in a divorce can take many
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When divorcing couples share children, they have a much greater number of decisions to make than couples without children. Furthermore, the consequences of these decisions can impact their families for years after the split. Deciding how to distribute parental responsibilities and parenting time can quickly become contentious – especially if the parents disagree about what is best for the children. Collaborative divorce is an alternative resolution method that may help divorcing parents make informed choices about child custody issues, property division, and other divorce concerns without needing to go to Court.
Collaborative Law is a Cooperative Process
Understandably, many divorcing
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If you are ending your marriage, you may be exploring the various divorce options available in Illinois. There are many routes to divorce, and the path you choose will depend on your unique circumstances and needs. Mediation is an alternative resolution method that may help you and your spouse end your marriage without Court intervention. Mediation can be a cost-effective means of resolving disagreements about child custody, the division of marital assets, spousal maintenance, and other divorce issues. However, many people are unfamiliar with the mediation process and how mediation can help them during a divorce. They ask, “What does
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Whether due to COVID-19 shutdowns or another reason, many people are finding themselves out of work. Unemployment can make it difficult for parents to cover child-related costs, including child support payments. However, a child’s financial needs do not change simply because a parent loses his or her job. Consequently, unemployment can create a challenging situation for both parents.

If you are a payer or recipient of child support in Illinois, you may have questions about how unemployment affects your child support obligation. You may wonder if you or the other parent are still required to pay if you have zero
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When a divorce involves a greater degree of disagreement than typical divorce cases, we often refer to this as a “high conflict divorce.” Spouses in a high conflict divorce face unique challenges both personally and legally. When spouses cannot cooperate, reaching an out-of-court agreement about divorce issues like property division or child custody can seem nearly impossible. Each situation is different and there is no perfect way to handle a contentious divorce. However, the following actions may help. 
Do Not Try to Face This Alone 
Many spouses underestimate just how complicated and frustrating a high-conflict divorce can be. They assume
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Alimony, called spousal maintenance in Illinois, can be a crucial form of financial assistance after divorce. If you are getting divorced, you may have questions and concerns about spousal maintenance. Unique financial situations, including variable income, can make the process of calculating a reasonable spousal maintenance award much more complicated. If you or your spouse are pursuing spousal maintenance in your divorce case, an experienced lawyer can provide personalized guidance.

Calculating Net Income to Determine Spousal Maintenance

Illinois law sets forth a statutory formula for calculating alimony. The amount of alimony paid is equal to 33 percent of the
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One of the most consequential factors in any divorce case is the division of marital assets and debts. Dividing the funds in a checking account or deciding which spouse will keep the furniture may be accomplished with relatively little complication. However, complex assets like pensions and other retirement accounts are much harder to deal with during a divorce.  One reason pensions are especially hard to divide is that the final value of the pension is often unknown at the time of divorce. If you or your spouse have a pension, a skilled divorce lawyer can help you decide how
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 Divorce often creates an opportunity for a second chance at love. If you are engaged to be married, and the union is your second or third marriage, you are likely excited and enthusiastic about the upcoming wedding. However, it is important to remember that marriage is a legal partnership. Consequently, you should be aware of the legal concerns you may face.  
Your Marriage Can Influence Spousal Support and Child Support
Spousal support or spousal maintenance is usually ordered for a specific length of time. However, spousal maintenance almost always terminates when a recipient gets remarried – even if the
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For many, divorce marks the beginning of a new adventure. Unhappy spouses who finally decide to end their marriages may be excited and anxious to start their new post-divorce lives. If you are like many people getting divorced, you may wonder, “When is it a good time to start dating?” You may worry that dating before the divorce is final could count as adultery or negatively impact your divorce case. While the decision to date during divorce is completely up to you, you must consider how dating before the divorce is finalized may influence the divorce’s outcome.
Dating Before Finances
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Many people assume that having money makes everything easier. However, owning high-value assets can actually make your divorce case much more complicated. If you or your spouse have a high income or own substantial assets, you must understand how this wealth will impact your divorce case. The division of property and debts, child support, spousal support, and other divorce issues are largely determined by the parties’ financial circumstances. Consequently, it is important for high-net-worth spouses to work with a divorce lawyer familiar with the types of challenges commonly encountered in high net worth divorce cases.
You Will
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Digital currency or “cryptocurrency” has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, and Tether rely on cryptography to secure and verify transactions. The currency is not regulated by the government or tied to any bank. Unfortunately, these features make cryptocurrency a popular choice for spouses who wish to hide assets in a divorce.
Financial Fraud in an Illinois Divorce
Nearly every part of a divorce case is affected by finances – especially in a high net worth divorce. Even if spouses reach an out-of-court property division settlement, the agreement they come to
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As a parent, you want the absolute best for your child. This includes the best possible child custody arrangement after a divorce. However, many divorcing parents disagree about what is best for their children. This blog explores some of the most popular dispute resolution methods for parents who disagree about parental responsibilities and parenting time. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for child custody disputes. The right approach will depend on your relationship with your soon-to-be-ex, your child’s needs, and a variety of other factors.
Family Law Mediation May Help You Resolve Child Custody Disagreements
A family law mediator is trained
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Getting married is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. However, even the most cautious individuals can find themselves in a marriage that they regret. Whether you were pressured into marrying by a well-meaning relative, you misjudged the situation, or you were just acting impulsively, regretting a marriage is an unfortunate situation to find yourself in.
If you recently wed and you regret it, you may wonder if you can get the marriage annulled instead of ending the marriage through divorce. Perhaps you have heard a rumor that a marriage can be annulled as long as it
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