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A prenuptial agreement is a critical legal tool in Illinois that can protect your property in case you divorce. A prenup can also be used to address other common problem areas in a divorce, including alimony, the rights of the surviving spouse if the other passes away, and more.
However, certain things cannot be put in a prenuptial agreement, which are described below. If you want to consider a prenup, speak to our experienced prenuptial agreement lawyer in Chicago, Michael C. Craven. Attorney Craven is recognized as an Illinois Super Lawyer, and he can assist with a prenuptial or
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A prenuptial agreement is a contract that spouses enter into before marriage to establish the terms of a divorce, separation, or disposition of property upon death. Although many people believe a prenuptial agreement should be considered if a person has significant assets before marriage and wants to protect them if there is a divorce, there are many reasons one may want a prenuptial agreement even in cases where the present assets are not large.
While a prenup can protect your finances and assets in case of divorce, that protection can crumble if the divorce court deems the prenuptial agreement
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If you are divorcing and have children, child custody and parenting plans are probably at the top of your mind. Nothing is more vital during divorce than ensuring that your children are cared for and provided for. Note that the term custody is no longer used in Illinois but it is used herein as a generic term generally understood by the public.
Even if you have a relatively amicable divorce, Illinois laws regarding child custody and parenting time can be convoluted and confusing. But the Chicago child custody lawyer Michael C. Craven is an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who can
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When property must be divided during a divorce, Illinois follows an equitable distribution rule, meaning the division must be equitable, which is not necessarily equal. One of the most challenging issues that arise with property division is what is marital and non-marital property.
For example, if you have compensation from a personal injury or workers’ comp case, are those considered marital or non-marital property? If you have questions about property division after reading this blog post, our property division attorney in Chicago, Michael C. Craven, can help today.
How Is Property Divided In An Illinois Divorce?
As stated earlier,
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Child custody matters can be among the most contentious in a divorce, and disagreements between a divorcing couple regarding parenting decisions and custody can complicate the case and prevent resolution. That is why the Illinois Supreme Court recently announced adopting new Rule 909, which sets up a framework for family courts to use parenting coordinators to resolve minor problems that cause conflict in family law cases.
This article details Rule 909 and how it could affect a child custody case. Chicago family law attorney Michael C. Craven can help if you have questions about Rule 909 on parent coordinators
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All parents are legally required to support their children. When parents are married, they directly support their offspring, but if they divorce, the state court may order one party to pay child support. If you are in this situation, it is essential to understand Illinois’s child support laws. Below are common child support questions we receive. If you have additional Illinois child support questions, our Chicago child support lawyers can help today.
How Is Child Support Determined In Illinois?
Illinois once used a percentage-based model to calculate child support, but today, an income shares model is used. The income shares
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Divorce is typically less contentious and difficult when both parties agree to end the marriage. But sometimes, one party will not want to end the marriage, so it is understandable to wonder ‘What now?’ This article explains the path forward if one spouse does not want to sign the divorce papers. If you have questions, our divorce lawyers in Chicago can help you today.
What Is A Contested Divorce In Illinois?
A contested divorce means that the spouses do not agree on the outcome of their divorce and a judge will need to decide. This might be because a spouse
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Deciding to get a divorce is never easy, but it can be more difficult if one party does not want to get divorced. Learn more about getting divorced in Illinois in this blog post, then our divorce lawyer in Chicago Michael C. Craven can answer any detailed questions you may have.
Illinois Is A No-Fault Divorce State
The first thing to understand is that Illinois is a no-fault divorce state. This means that the court does not require you to prove that the other party did anything untoward, such as committing adultery. No-fault divorces are beneficial because they can often
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Most people are familiar with prenuptial agreements, but they may believe that these agreements are only for the wealthy. This is not true; middle-class couples are more likely than ever to sign a prenuptial agreement than in the past.
A prenuptial agreement can be helpful for people in all income brackets to protect their assets if divorce happens. Learn more in this article, then, to protect your assets from division during a divorce, please contact our prenuptial agreement attorney in Chicago today.
Prenuptial Agreement Overview
A prenup is a written agreement between potential spouses before
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After a divorce in Illinois, one spouse could receive alimony from the other, also known as spousal maintenance or support. But what about pensions? Are you entitled to the other party’s pension after divorce? Learn about this topic in this article, and talk to our divorce lawyer in Chicago Michael C. Craven if you need help with divorce issues.
Illinois Is An Equitable Division State
Illinois has an equitable division rule for divorces, meaning the judge will divide the couple’s property based on what is fair under the case circumstances. It could be a 50/50 division, but that is not
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When a couple divorces, there may be disputes about whether one party can claim rights to the other’s inheritance. This conflict can arise if one of the spouses inherits money or property during the marriage. Learn more about inheritances during divorce, and speak to our Chicago high net-worth attorney Michael C. Craven today if you have questions about protecting your inheritance and other assets.
Illinois Property Division Laws
In Illinois, the divorce court will divide the marital assets equitably, but this does not always mean 50/50. Generally, an inheritance is not considered part of the marital pot to be
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Divorce is complicated and takes time, but life does not stop. People often get separated, and when the divorce is pending, you might want to buy a house when separated from your spouse. Whether this is a good idea or not is debatable. Learn more about this topic below, and speak to our divorce lawyer in Chicago Michael C. Craven for assistance.
What Illinois Law States About Buying A Home During Divorce
No laws prevent you from buying a house when separated from or divorcing your spouse. However, there are considerations to think about before making this major purchase during
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You probably have a child custody agreement if you have children and got divorced. After the divorce, your life may change, which might mean moving out of state to get another job or a fresh start. But how can you move to another state when you have a child custody agreement in Illinois? Keep reading to learn more, then speak to our Chicago child custody lawyer Michael C. Craven for legal assistance.
Child Relocation Requires Approval
If you are a custodial parent and want to move to another state with your child, obtaining approval from the court or the non-custodial
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If you are divorced or going through a divorce in Illinois, you might be surprised to discover that the law can compel both parents to fund their child’s college education. This strikes many as strange because there is no legal mechanism for a married parent to force their spouse to pay for college expenses, but that is what the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act states.
Learn more about this critical divorce topic below, and contact our divorce lawyer in Chicago Michael C. Craven today for legal assistance.
What Are Educational Expenses?
Because both spouses may have to pay
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If you are getting married for the first time or remarried, signing a prenuptial agreement might be the furthest thing from your mind. However, a prenup should be considered because it can benefit you and your family. Learn more below about why a prenuptial agreement could be wise, then speak to our Chicago prenuptial agreement lawyer Michael C. Craven for assistance.
What Is A Prenuptial Agreement?
A prenup is a contract made with your future spouse before marriage. The agreement defines each party’s rights concerning divorce or a party’s death during the marriage. Although the agreement can alter outcomes as
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Sometimes filing for divorce is necessary when a marriage is irreparably damaged. However, if you are pregnant and thinking about divorce, you should remember several important factors before filing the papers. If you decide to divorce during your pregnancy, the Chicago divorce attorneys at Michael C. Craven can help you.
You Do Not Need Grounds For Divorce In Illinois
You do not need a reason to file for divorce anymore. The “grounds for divorce” were eliminated and replaced by one option: irreconcilable differences. In Illinois, you only need to prove the following to file for divorce:

  • Irreconcilable differences caused the

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